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by Jovial Jay

Ant-Man takes place in San Francisco and what better way to establish that than by showing the Golden Gate Bridge from the San Francisco vista point.

LOCATION: San Francisco Vista (Golden Gate Observation Deck 5702 Conzelman Rd, Mill Valley, CA)
SHOW: Ant-Man

San Francisco VistaAt the beginning of the first Ant-Man, Luis drives Scott back into San Francisco after he was released from San Quentin. They come into town via the Marin headlands on Conzelman Road. That’s not really the most efficient way to get to the city, as you need to detour off of US 101, but obviously Luis wanted to provide Scott (and the audience) with a breathtaking view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the city.

San Francisco Vista San Francisco VistaTo reach this drive on the north side of the bridge, one must drive through the north side of headlands, passing through Baker-Barry Tunnel on Bunker Rd. As you pass around the west side of the headlands, you must navigate over to Conzelman Rd, which loops back East and connects back with US 101. On Conzelman, there are several turnoffs to stop and enjoy the views of the city, the inlet and the Western side of Fort Baker, which include a number of Batteries, or coastal artillery points.

The vista spot is the Headlands lookout, which features a trail that heads down to the Black Sands Beach. The next one is the Marin headlands Vista Point, an amazing view but still not the one seen in Ant-Man. For that one you will need to head to the third stop, the Golden Gate Observation Deck which is the small parking area seen as Luis’ van drives by.  For the best views of the bridge however, park at the fourth lot, The Golden Gate View Point (or just beyond it), and walk along the trail past Ridge Battery to Battery Spencer. These views, while super windy, are some of the best of the Golden Gate Bridge.

This view is a little out of the way, and requires you to travel across the Golden Gate Bridge, which has a toll heading back into San Francisco, but it’s a beautiful and unforgettable look at the city by the bay!

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