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by Jovial Jay

This week is another exclusive behind-the-scenes look at part the San Francisco car chase from Ant-Man & The Wasp.

LOCATION: San Francisco Shrinking Van (Montgomery St & Pacific Ave San Francisco, CA)
SHOW: Ant-Man & The Wasp

After Sonny Birch discovers where Hank Pym’s lab is hiding out, he and his goons show up ready to steal the lab and the quantum field generator. His group of black SUV’s take off after Hope and Luis in a blue Mercedes van as they race to the rendezvous point. 

San Francisco Shrinking Van

Hope races down a hill, speeding past shops and offices, followed closely by a black SUV. Hope allows them to pull up close on the left and then pulls a lever causing the entire van to shrink out of sight. The SUV misses ramming the van and crashes into parked cars instead. Hope enlarges the van, hanging a right turn – still followed by two more SUVs. The chase is continued into last week’s post about the SUV flip, but this location focuses just on the shrinking van portion.

San Francisco Shrinking Van San Francisco Shrinking Van

The sequence starts in Atlanta where the lab was located in a parking lot – which happens to be the same place that the Lagos Marketplace from Captain America: Civil War was filmed. Then it switches over to the San Francisco locations. The entirety of this portion of the chase was shot on Montgomery St., between Green St. and Pacific Ave. The vans and SUVs all race down the hill on Montgomery and through the intersection at Vallejo.

San Francisco Shrinking Van San Francisco Shrinking VanWith the magic of editing, the vehicles fly through the intersection at Pacific Ave., before moving back up the street. The SUV attempts to pass and ram the van about halfway down Montgomery between Broadway and Pacific Ave., which is where it crashes. Hope then makes the right turn onto Pacific Ave., speeding off into the next sequence where she flips the SUV, shot down on California and Jones streets.

San Francisco Shrinking Van San Francisco Shrinking VanLater in this first sequence the convoy whips a right turn around a corner. That was filmed three block up the hill at Montgomery St. and Green St. which leads them back into some locations in Atlanta that will be covered at a later date.

San Francisco Shrinking Van

Driving around San Francisco looking for these locations was a complete blast. Stay tuned for more exclusive behind-the-scenes location photos from both Ant-Man films in the coming weeks!

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