MCU: Location Scout – Maggie & Cassie Lang House

by Jovial Jay

Just remember that diligence and hard work always pay off! Read on to find out how I found the Lang Family House.

LOCATION: Maggie & Cassie Lang House (840 Clemont Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30306)
SHOW: Ant-Man, 2015
NOTE: This is a Private Residence. Please be considerate to the owners of the Property.

Since Ant-Man, Marvel Studios has been shooting most of their films in Atlanta’s newly built Pinewood Studios, just outside Atlanta, in Fayetteville. They have also been shooting in Peachtree City as well as Atlanta and her major suburbs. Finding locations in this area is made more difficult by the massive area that the Productions can shoot in, as well as my lack of knowledge of the area.

Using a list of filming locations provided by OnLocationVacations, I was able to narrow down the areas where the production was filming. I then looked at the shots of the house in question. I knew that it was older construction, and it was located near a Park or other open space. Also, films are generally not shot on the busiest streets or main thoroughfares, especially not complicated shoots such as the ones that took place at this location. They tend to film on cul-de-sacs or smaller streets for privacy and the ability to control the location.

With those factors in mind, I narrowed the architecture style and age of the property down to the Morningside-Lenox Park area of Atlanta. I could tell from the daytime shot, and the way the shadows were cast, the house either faced West or South, so I only looked on those streets that had houses on the North or East side of the street. And I proceeded to do a block by block drive-by of every street in this area. Of course, the house was in the last quadrant I was checking.

Sometimes there is no substitute for putting in the time to scan a map for a location. It’s a great thing to do when re-watching a film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Please remember that this is a Private Residence, and you should always be respectful of the owners of the Property.

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