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by Jovial Jay

Continuing a look at the filming locations from Ant-Man, MCU: Location Scout looks at the building that would be Pym Technologies!

LOCATION: Pym Technologies (332 Capitol Ave SE, Atlanta, GA)
SHOW: Ant-Man

As mentioned in previous articles about this film, the filming for Ant-Man was split between San Francisco (the location the story takes place) and Atlanta (the location of the newly built Pinewood studios). Most sequences would be filmed in one location or the other, but Pym Technologies is actually a blend of both California and Atlanta.

Pym Technologies Pym TechnologiesThe actual structure for Pym Technologies was the square block building that housed the Georgia Archives. Ant-Man was one of the last movies to film here as the location was torn down in March 2017, about 2 years after the film was shot. Any scenes with characters in front of the building, driving up, or the aftermath sequence were filmed at this Atlanta location. While scenes of the tank exploding from the building and a few other special effects sequences were filmed at the local Atlanta Pinewood studios.

Pym Technologies Pym TechnologiesFor the long-shot establishing Pym Technologies location in San Francisco, plus some shots of Kurt and Dave parking the van out front, and their escape from Paxton and Gale, the crew filmed on San Francisco’s Treasure Island (1 Ave of the Palms, San Francisco). Yes, that’s actually the name of the island in the San Francisco Bay connected by the Oakland Bridge. Pym Technologies was superimposed over the Treasure Island Administration building on the southern tip of this man-made island, which was built for the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition.

Through careful editing and digital manipulation, director Peyton Reed and the special effects wizards seamlessly stitched together these two varied locations into one, believable tech company.

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