MCU: Location Scout | San Francisco SUV Flip

by Jovial Jay

Check out the location for the San Francisco SUV Flip from Ant-Man & The Wasp on this week’s MCU: Location Scout!

LOCATION: San Francisco SUV Flip (California St & Jones St, San Francisco, CA)
SHOW: Ant-Man & The Wasp

Ant-Man & The Wasp features about 50% of its locations in San Francisco, as opposed to the 10% from the first Ant-Man. On a recent trip to the city by the bay, I was able to get some photos of a number of the locations used for this shrinking-sequel.

San Francisco SUV Flip San Francisco SUV FlipFleeing from the bad guys that want to steal the quantum technology they posses, Hope and Luis race through San Francisco trying to lose Sonny Burch and his minions. At one point Hope shrinks their van to avoid being hit. They race past a parking garage and then, at an opportune moment, grow to full size under one of the SUVs chasing them, causing it to launch down a hill.

San Francisco SUV Flip San Francisco SUV FlipA future MCU: Location Scout will explore the beginnings of this chase, but this portion of the first “Act” of the pursuit, happens on California St in San Francisco, heading west, just at Jones St. Some behind-the-scenes footage from around the time of filming shows the black SUV outfitted with a harness, being flipped over and crashing down on Jones St.

San Francisco SUV Flip San Francisco SUV FlipThis is a very nice location to visit, with views of the city out over Jones St, and the beauty of Grace Cathedral on the north side of the road. Stay tuned for more “on location” updates from Ant-Man filming sites throughout San Francisco in the coming weeks.

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