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by Jovial Jay

Tandy uses her vision of a neon Pirate Liquor sign to track down the location where a young girl was kidnapped.

LOCATION: Pirate Liquor (McGuire’s Pit Stop West, 520 Destrehan Ave, Harvey, LA)
SHOW: Cloak & Dagger, S02E02 “White Lines”

Pirate LiquorIn the second season of Cloak & Dagger, the heroes have begun using their powers to help others in trouble. Tandy’s goal is to help other women in abusive relationships. Her powers of insight allow her to get a vision of a Pirate Liquor sign, which leads her to a auto storage facility where the bad guys keep their equipment.

Pirate LiquorTandy uses her phone and Google to help her track down the sign from her vision. This is actually the preferred method for MCU: Location Scout to use to locate the filming locations from the Marvel Cinematic Universe properties. Well, except for the “vision” part. I still have to watch the shows like everyone else.

Pirate Liquor Pirate LiquorUnfortunately, there’s no actual Pirate Liquor sign that can be used to find this location. I needed to rely on other methods. McGuire’s Pit Stop West is the stand in for the liquor store. It is a sports bar just over the river from New Orleans, and is across the street from the Retif Oil & Fuel Warehouse, which was used for the location shoots of the E-Z Stow Salvage Yard.

Any time Dagger, or Cloak, want to stop by MCU: Location Scout and get some pointers, they’re totally welcome!

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