MCU: Location Scout – St Theresa’s Church

by Jovial Jay

New Orleans provides a great backdrop for the filming of Cloak & Dagger. The historic buildings of the city (and not soundstages) make for some great locations, like St Theresa’s Church.

LOCATION: St Theresa’s Church (2221 Chippewa St, New Orleans, LA 70130)
SHOW: Cloak & Dagger, S01E03 “Stained Glass”

During a Voodoo walking tour of New Orleans, Ty’s friend (and tour guide) Evita points out St Theresa’s Church. It has been destroyed and rebuilt numerous times. Ty has a strange reaction to the church and notices it again later. It turns out that this is the same church that Tandy has been living in, and by the end of the episode Ty finds her inside.

St Theresa's Church This location is actually made up of three other locations. First, the church that doubles for St Theresa’s is the Jackson Ave. Evangelical Church on Chippewa St. Both shots of the church in episode 3 use the exterior of this Evangelical Church, but place it in different surroundings.

St Theresa's ChurchWhen the steeple is seen from the walking tour, near Marie Laveau’s tomb, it has been digitally inserted into that shot. Beside the fact, that the cemetery scenes were not filmed at her actual tomb in St Louis Cemetery No. 1 (a story for another day), the Jackson Ave. church is not visible from the real filming location, behind the house at 1331 Sixth St New Orleans, LA (outside Lafayette Cemetery No. 1).

St Theresa's Church

A different location was used for the exteriors of St Theresa’s from episode 1, “First Light.” In that sequence, we see Tandy sneaking into the church from a building next door, something that doesn’t exist next to the Jackson Ave location. I also knew I was looking for some church where the interiors were shot. Since Jackson Ave. is a working church, there was little chance that it was used for the interiors, due to the dilapidated nature of the church as seen in the show.

St Theresa's ChurchSt Theresa's ChurchI started investigating abandoned New Orleans churches and that led me to Saints Peter and Paul Church, at 2333 Burgundy St, New Orleans, LA. It’s been abandoned since 2001 and the inside, especially the stained glass and narthex area, are an exact match for scenes from the show. Checking around outside, the locations from episode 1 line up: the design on the front, Tandy’s “house” across the street, plus a building to be able to walk across a board from.

The fact that Cloak & Dagger chooses to film in actual locations around New Orleans, rather than in soundstages adds a huge amount of production value. I look forward to more glimpses into this town and the depth it can add to the story.

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