MCU: Location Scout | Pancho’s Bar

by Jovial Jay

Monday’s newest preview of Captain Marvel gave viewers the best look so far at the characters and situations of the film, including one desert-based dive-bar called Pancho’s Bar.

LOCATION: Pancho’s Bar (2763 Sierra Hwy, Rosamond, CA 93560)
SHOW: Captain Marvel (“Special Look” Trailer)

Carol Danvers makes her way across a desert highway, wearing her Nine Inch Nails t-shirt and a leather jacket. She pulls up to Pancho’s Bar (next to Pat’s Liquor) and has an amusing conversation with a two-eyed Nick Fury about the Skrull alien invasion!

Captain Marvel

In reality, Pancho’s Bar is The Zebra Club, an adult themed drinking and entertainment establishment, located in Rosamond, CA out near Mojave. A clever use of an establishment’s exterior to set up the clandestine meetings between a Kree bounty hunter and a SHIELD agent.

Captain Marvel

Readers of this series will know that Bars play an important part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially for the Agents of SHIELD. Along with this location, the trailer shows shots from a beach, downtown Los Angeles (with the LA Metro fight with a Skrull) and the Air Force base where Carol originally trained. I am very excited for the release of this film, not only in the scope of the MCU, but also in California based locations – which will look amazing on the big screen!

Captain Marvel open nationwide on March 8, 2019.

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