MCU: Location Scout – The Bars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe part 1

by Jovial Jay

Since the last two updates have featured drinking establishments in the MCU, let’s have another round of posts with the bars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, part 1. There are quite a few!

SHOW: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, The Defenders, Thor, Iron Man 3, & Agent Carter

MCU Bars

Josie’s Bar (Turkey Nest bar, 94 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY), Daredevil S01E02

The regular watering hole used by Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson on the Netflix show Daredevil, Josie’s bar is an iconic piece of Hell’s Kitchen. The actual bar is quite a ways away in Brooklyn, but is able to provide the sense of authenticity for the series, like many locations for the Netflix shows.

MCU BarsLuke Cage’s Bar (Vazac’s Horseshoe Bar, now called 7B, 108 Avenue B, New York, NY), Jessica Jones S01E01

When we are introduced to Luke Cage in the first episodes of the Jessica Jones series on Netflix, he is running a bar (called “Luke’s”). Of course getting involved with a hot-mess like Jessica leads “Luke’s” to getting burned down. When the show was shot, the establishment was called Vazac’s Horseshoe Bar, but is now called 7B. This versatile location was able to provide a building and fire escape just East for Jessica to surveil Luke and his clientele.

MCU BarsSidewalk (Crosby St, New York, NY), The Defenders S01E01

Let’s face it, basically anywhere that Jessica Jones is drinking could be considered a bar. Actual bars, her office, or this street location – where Trish (and the audience) discover that 8am is not too early for Jessica to be drinking whiskey. Shot on Crosby Street between Prince St. & Jersey St., Jessica and Trish wander from T2 Tea SoHo North passing Revolver Salons.

MCU BarsSports Bar (Cheeks Sports Bar & Grill, 2841 Cerrillos Rd Santa Fe, NM), Thor, 2008

According to, the inside of (the gentlemen’s club) Cheeks, which was previously known as The Locker Room Sports Bar & Grill, was the location for this friendly discussion between Eric Selvig and a powerless Thor. Eric tries to sway Thor from pursuing Jane Foster, but only manages to get drunk trying to best the Asgardian in beer drinking.

MCU BarsWalker’s Bar (110 E Church St, Rose Hill, NC), Iron Man 3, 2013

Tony has several issues with bars in Iron Man 3, the first being the one we showcased last week. The second bar is Walker’s in Rose Hill, TN. In an ill-timed escape from the Mandarin, Tony ends up in this sleepy little town where a victim of the Extremis treatment had exploded. This bar is where Tony runs into Brandt and basically destroying most of the town in the ensuing fight. Filmed in Rose Hill, North Carolina, the town sequences were shot around a number of defunct buildings near the studio locations in Williamsburg.

MCU BarsJazz Bar, Dunbar Hotel (Biltmore Hotel, 506 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA),  Agent Carter S02E02

There have been several bars in the first Season on Agent Carter, ABC’s 1940 spy drama, but they have yet to be identified (and most likely are soundstage locations). This upscale Jazz Bar, where Peggy meets Jason Wilkes, a scientist at Isodyne Labs, is actually the Gallery Bar and Cognac Room of the famous Biltmore Hotel (now the Millennium Biltmore) in Los Angeles. Many films and TV shows have shot in the building (besides Agent Carter and Agents of SHIELD) including Beverly Hills Cop, Ghostbusters and The Sting.

MCU BarsLondon Street Bar (Universal Backlot, West Village Set, Universal City, CA), Agent Carter S02E08

In a sequence towards the end of the Season, we see Agent Jack Thompson on location in London, England attempting to get some intel on Peggy’s brother Michael. The pub (that’s British for Bar!) he’s in front of isn’t really across the Pond, but a backlot street set in Universal CIty.

In the next installment you will be presented the bars from Agents of SHIELD. Those spies need to drink a lot too!

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