MCU: Location Scout | New Orleans Beadery

by Jovial Jay

With the hope that Ty’s cloak will show up once again in season two, here’s a look at the New Orleans beadery shop that he acquired his iconic garment.

LOCATION: New Orleans Beadery (House of Dance and Feathers, 1317 Tupelo St, New Orleans)
SHOW: Cloak & Dagger, S01E04 “Call/Response”

New Orleans Beadery New Orleans BeaderyIn season one, Ty’s dad takes him to a rundown part of the Ninth Ward, worried that his son may be falling in with  a bad element. Otis introduces Ty to the members of Mardi Gras Indians group that he belongs to. Inside their beadery, Ty’s dad shows him the beaded cloak that Billy, Ty’s brother, was working on before he died. This becomes a touchstone and something very important to Ty as the season moves on.

New Orleans BeaderyThis location is called the House of Dance and Feathers, which is less of a working beadery, and more of a museum to the culture and work from Mardi Gras Indians, in real life. This group used to be one surrounded by violence at Mardi Gras, but has become an organization showcasing their incredible costumes, and their rich history through dance and song. I have really been enjoying the way that Cloak & Dagger presents other, lesser known aspects of New Orleans, as the backdrop for a show about superheroes.

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