Dune Cast #6.1: Chapterhouse: Dune (1985)

by Dune Cast

Herbert’s last novel, and a cliffhanger for the ages. But before the dramatic ending to Chapterhouse: Dune, there is so much going on in this novel! Joe and Rod convene the Dune Cast to dig into the first half of the book and wrap our heads around the revelations, mysteries, and truths in the Duneiverse.

Dune Cast has finally arrived at the final book by Frank Herbert: Chapterhouse: Dune, and we are ready to dig into this exciting, fascinating and, yes, controversial novel. From a look back at the book’s reception in its time, to theories on some of the mysteries of the book, to a deep dissection of the plot, characters, and events, we’re going further than even The Tyrant could have imagined. Enjoy part one of our look at Chapterhouse: Dune and thank you for your support of the Dune Cast, the #1 Dune podcast in the known universe!


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