Dune Cast #5.2: Heretics of Dune (1984)

by Dune Cast

Joe and Rod are back with perhaps the most extensive discussion and analysis of Heretics of Dune ever. Enjoy FOUR HOURS of Dune discussion! It’s been a long time coming.

This is it! An episode years in the making…perhaps the most conclusive and thorough look at Frank Herbert’s fifth Dune novel, Heretics of Dune! Why is this novel so complex? What is transpiring that makes this novel unique? Why do your hosts feel this is the most underrated Dune novel? All this and much more coming up on this epic episode of the Dune Cast! Look for new episodes on the upcoming Dune production, as well as new episodes on Chapterhouse: Dune very soon!

Dune Cast will be returning to a more regular schedule as film production news ramps up. As we have said for years, this is your source for Dune fandom, and we hope you will join us on this amazing ride as the world turns their eyes to this universe we love.

Look forward to shows dedicated solely to the upcoming Denis Villenueve production, as well as book-focused shows entirely devoted to analysis and discussion of Dune novels and more!


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Greetings, travelers of space and time! Know then that this is your home for Dune in podcasting, and that the Dune Cast is a series examining all things from the world of Frank Herbert’s legendary universe, including the classic books, movies, miniseries, games, documentaries, and ongoing novels by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson. Maybe we will cover news, too, should it arise! Whether this is your first foray into the Duniverse or you are returning like a Duncan Idaho ghola, join us for a show beyond your dreams and a podcast beyond your imagination. The show is hosted by avid science fiction fans and podcasters Joe Tavano and Rod Johnson, and is also part of the RetroZap.com Podcast Network!

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