Dune Cast #3.2: Children of Dune (1976)

by Dune Cast

Our Children of Dune discussion continues! What did Leto II do? Will he do?

Distrans message incoming from planet Arrakis: Dune Cast #3.2, discussing the second part of Children of Dune, is here!

Our Children of Dune discussion continues in this special, jam-packed episode, where we thoroughly get into the plot, themes, motives and writing mechanics that went into this brilliant novel. We come to an interesting conclusion concerning Frank Herbert and his vision for the future of the series, and then discuss Leto II and the improbable, unbelievable ending of this book.

This is the Dune Cast.

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Next up is God Emperor of Dune, a staggering, stupefying novel that requires a thorough reading. Get started now, and we’ll see you next time on the Dune Cast! To get the audiobook for free, just go to http://www.audibletrial.com/dunecast.


Email the show: dunecast@retrozap.com. We are trying to do more than just talk about a book once a month. We hope this podcast will inspire you to read more of the amazing work of Frank Herbert and start more conversations in today’s fandom. Dune is an essential piece of the fabric of today’s pop culture, and there are as many fans as there are Fremen: untold numbers by all accounting!

Thank you so much for all the support since the announcement of the show. Let’s show the world how many of us there are, and also how important Dune is! Read along with us, listen to the podcast, and turn a new person on to the books and the podcast!


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