Warp Trails #1-10: Despite Yourself

by Warp Trails

Discovery returns with “Despite Yourself;” Dennis and Beth discuss the crew’s predicament and what happens next.

The crew of the Discovery finds themselves in unfamiliar territory in “Despite Yourself,” and they discover getting home won’t be easy as Discovery returns for its second half debut.

Warp Trails #1-10: Despite Yourself


Discovery heads to the Mirror Universe

In the conclusion to the first half of the season, the crew of the USS Discovery found themselves in unknown space after the Discovery experienced an incomplete navigation sequence. Now, the Discovery finds themselves in a reality where the Vulcans are not their allies. In addition, nothing in the galaxy has the same quantum signature. However, the pieces come together after Lt. Tyler retrieves a memory core from the debris field of several Klingon ships. The truth of the matter is shocking to the crew as they learn they are in the fabled “Mirror Universe.”

On this episode of Warp Trails, Dennis and Beth examine Discovery’s arrival in the Mirror Universe. How exactly did Discovery end up here. Was it an accident, or was it the result of something more sinister? This episode lends itself to many theories. In addition, the mystery behind Lt. Tyler begins to emerge. Is he really who he believes he is? Dennis and Beth discuss all this and more on this episode of Warp Trails.

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Warp Trails #1-10: Despite Yourself

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