The New Trooper – Star Wars Resistance S01E16

by Eric Onkenhout

Kaz goes undercover to discover the secrets of the First Order, as it slowly begins its takeover of the Colossus in “The New Trooper.”

This article contains plot points for Star Wars Resistance S1E16, “The New Trooper.”

In the Star Wars Resistance episode “The New Trooper,” Captain Pyre arrives on the Colossus to pay a visit to Captain Doza. When Pyre enters Doza’s office, Doza quickly reminds Pyre that the pirate spy they were searching for is no longer on the Colossus and that their assistance is no longer needed. Pyre challenges that Synara was aided in her escape, and they intend to find her accomplice. Just as expected in the review for “The Doza Dilemma,” the First Order will always find another reason to remain. Doza then reminds Pyre that he is in charge, to which Pyre says, “Our job is simply to maintain order, as we agreed.” It’s interesting to note that a similar bit a dialogue was spoken during “The Doza Dilemma.” Commander Pyre is patronizing him, and Captain Doza has to know this.

In many ways, “The New Trooper” can be a sequel to “The First Order Occupation” and “The Doza Dilemma.” With each episode, the presence of the First Order increases which makes sense considering it leads right into The Force Awakens where the First Order becomes a real threat. While Kel and Eila are fishing, a stormtrooper approaches them and demands identification. Why the need for identification from a pair of children gets revealed later on in the show, but it’s obvious the stormtroopers are not concerned with the way they’re perceived, or they would’ve acted more professional. Whether the citizens are in favor of the First Order or not, their rule will be unforgiving.

Order First, Peace Second

In the following scene, Kaz shows his frustration at Doza allowing the First Order on the station. Tam, and to a lesser extent Neeku, admit they feel safer with the First Order around. Having been a member of the Rebel Alliance, Yeager chimes in by comparing the First Order to the Empire. “They add more security, and then they take away your freedom.” So why have them protecting the Colossus from the pirates? Aren’t the Aces enough protection? Even better, why doesn’t a large fueling station have its own security detail or police?

Star Wars Resistance "The New Trooper"

Tam raises an interesting point by bringing up her grandfather who worked for the Empire to feed his family. “Does that make him evil?” This point reinforces the fact that not everyone in the Empire was evil, nor were they aware of what people like Palpatine, Vader, Tarkin, or Krennic were up to. It’s not hard to imagine Tam took offense of the thought that her family was evil, or contributed to the oppression of the Empire.

After Tam and Neeku leave, Yeager reminds Kaz that the First Order has a way of making people disappear. Does Yeager know more about the First Order than initially thought? One common thread that has been making its way through Star Wars is the need for fuel. In several episodes of Star Wars Rebels, the demand for fuel for the Empire was high, very high. Hyperfuel is the McGuffin in Solo: A Star Wars Story, and in The Last Jedi the resistance runs out of fuel running from the First Order. In Star Wars Resistance, the First Order is trying to gain control of a fueling station on a remote planet. Perhaps at this point, the galaxy is going through a fuel shortage? It’s the intention of any side in a war to strike at the fuel supply of their enemy; it’s the heart of their military.

Out Of Gas

“The New Trooper” discussed how stormtroopers are regularly re-programmed, mentally wiped, and brainscraped. It’s no wonder Finn wanted nothing to do with being a First Order Stormtrooper. Tam’s First Order admiration is questioned by Kel when he says, “It’s strange that you’d consider trusting the First Order over your friends.” When Tam hears the horror stories of what Kel and Eila had to go through, her facial expression reveals that she is also starting to have second thoughts. Doza had similar second thoughts while in service of the Empire. He admits to Commander Pyre that the reason he left the Empire was a personal decision. Does that mean Doza defected to the rebellion? The Empire wasn’t known for allowing officers to leave for any reason.

Star Wars Resistance "The New Trooper"

In a telling move, Pyre takes over Doza’s office to have a meeting with his troops, this symbolizes the inevitable transfer of power. Doza has no choice but to leave them to it, but it’s got to hurt to know his command of the station is slipping through his fingers. The reason the stormtroopers need to see everyone’s identification is to have a log of everyone on board the Colossus. It’s clear that most of the citizens do not appreciate the First Order’s presence as they pelt the stormtroopers with food. The opinions of the people matter’s little as Captain Phasma is sending reinforcements to quell the dissidents. At the conclusion, Kaz and Yeager discover that the First Order has a map of the galaxy and appears to be preparing for war. It’s incredible to think that all these signs point to the First Order being a legitimate threat, and yet by the end of The Last Jedi the Republic still has not provided any aid to the resistance.


Star Wars Resistance “The New Trooper,” tells the story of how the First Order is slowly building up their supplies right under the nose of the Republic. There were equal parts comedy, excitement, intensity, and probably the most Star Wars-y moment in the series to date: Kaz disguised as a stormtrooper. The first season of Star Wars Resistance is putting itself in a position where anything can happen. Yes, the events of The Force Awakens dictates the direction somewhat, but not entirely. How will Kaz react to learning more about the First Order? Is Tam starting to understand what the First Order is really about? How will Kaz’s job change? The answers are only weeks away!

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