The Doza Dilemma – Star Wars Resistance S01E14 Review

by Eric Onkenhout

The First Order makes its move on the Collusus, while Synara has to decide where her alliances lie in “The Doza Dilemma”.

This article contains plot points for Star Wars Resistance S1E14, “The Doza Dilemma.”

A classic opening to this week’s episode of Star Wars Resistance “The Doza Dilemma.” With Starkiller base ominously hovering in the background, a single TIE Fighter approaches a fleet of Star Destroyers. This scene harkens back to the opening shot of Return of the Jedi. Aboard one of the warships, Captain’s Pyre and Phasma speak to the Quarren pirate Kragan of his recent failure in the previous episode. The First Order is working with pirates to force Doza to relinquish control of the Colossus. Pyre tells Kragan The First Order requires something very precious to Captain Doza.

Aboard the Collusus, Synara is contacted by Kragan with the plan to gain access to Doza tower which will allow Valik and Drell to complete a task. This story arc including Synara has all the makings of person who doesn’t seem like a bad person at all but got caught up in the wrong crowd. Or perhaps didn’t have the same opportunities and had no choice but to do what was necessary to survive. But it’s evident that Synara doesn’t take any pleasure in hiding her true identity from Kaz.

When Kaz notices Synara at Aunt Z’s tavern, she physically turns away from Kaz; hiding her expression. For a character that is so obviously torn between her pirate connections and her new friends, to turn around and help her new friends would be the most expected way for a character to go if there was a chance at redemption. But this is Lucasfilm and expecting a story to go a certain way is a recipe for disappointment. See The Last Jedi. Yes, this is an animated show for kids, but stretching the boundaries of storytelling is what Lucasfilm does best.

Synara’s Dilemma

Star Wars Resistance "The Doza Dilemma"

As much as this episode was about Doza’s decision of whether or not to make a deal the First Order, it could’ve easily been Synara’s dilemma. Synara, much like Doza, was stuck between two entities: her friends on the Colossus and her boss Kragan. During a game of darts, Tora invites Kaz, Tam, and Synara up to her room in the Tower to play a video game. Thinking nothing of it, Tora gives all of them the passcode to gain access to her room; this is precisely what Synara’s boss needs.

During a scene in a hanger, while Kaz is working on a speeder, BB-8 roles by and bangs on a closet door. The door flies open, and Bucket comes chasing after BB-8. Eagle eye viewers will catch a rudimentary sketch of what looks like Chopper from Star Wars Rebels on the inside of one of the doors. Along with some of Sabine’s art in Tora’s bedroom, there are some footprints from Star Wars Rebels scattered around the Colossus.

A cute little scene where Kaz makes sure he doesn’t smell before he goes and checks on Synara. It seems like Kaz has a crush on Synara. Kaz catches Synara with Drell and Valik and follows them to make sure Synara isn’t in trouble. Synara reluctantly enters the code to Tora’s floor allowing Drell and Valik inside. In a very droid army fashion, Drell tosses an electronic grenade into a group of four security droids, and instead of getting rid of it, the droids stand around it wondering what it is. Shouldn’t security droids know how to deal with grenades? Of course, they all get deactivated.

Star Wars Resistance "The Doza Dilemma"

With the pirates now the enemies of the First Order, the question is will the pirates now retaliate? Probably not, pirates are much like the rest of the underworld; they are allies of the highest bidder. In a sneaky move, the First Order offers to leave behind a security detail on the Colossus to help defend against pirate raids. Doza knows The First Order now has its foot in the door of the Colossus.

Kaz meets up with Synara to let her know Tora is home safe and asks her what she was doing with those two “customers.” Synara tells Kaz they were part of a late night shipment. In a telling move, BB-8 glances at Kaz. After Kaz walks away, he knows either Synara is helping the pirates, or she is one of them. At this point what happens to Synara remains to be seen. It’s possible she returns to the pirates, but it’s unlikely. Synara has experienced, possibly for the first time in her life, what it means to have real friends.

Let’s Make a Deal

Star Wars Resistance "The Doza Dilemma"

Synara contacts Kragan, upset that kidnapping Doza’s daughter wasn’t part of the deal, Kragan tells Synara she’s turning soft. While in fact, Synara realizes her new friends are in danger. In a very cool scene, when Kaz chases down the pirates, Kragan’s pirate ship appears out from the fog. Very Pirates of the Caribbean. The scheme laid out by the First Order is very similar to what Death Watch pulled off on Mandalore in The Clone Wars. The First Order staged the entire kidnapping of Tora Doza to rescue her from the pirates to make it look like they were there to provide security and aid to Captain Doza and the Colussus. Much like how Death Watch staged the invasion of Mandalore by The Black Sun and the Pykes, only to have Death Watch fend them off. Only this time, the pirates had no idea The First Order was about to turn on them.


“The Doza Dilemma” was a captivating episode that had a lot going on. The First Order takes one more step towards their status in The Force Awakens. One of the more interesting characters so far in Star Wars Resistance is Major Vonreg, who isn’t on screen in The Force Awakens. It’s a big galaxy, and it’s very possible Vonreg was elsewhere, but it would be an interesting thread to see him in episode IX. Star Wars Resistance is starting to pick up in its tension, and with each episode closing in on The Force Awakens it becomes necessary viewing.

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