The Deucecast Movie Show #336: The Arnold Sweet 16 (Ft Shaz!)

by Deucecast Movie Show

In which Dave, Mikey, and Twitterless Dr. Earl are joined by Shaz to determine Arnold Schwarzaneggar’s best role.

The biggest movie role sweet 16 tournament in the history of podcasts (disclaimer, that meaning podcasts that are recorded in Meadowbrook, AL) rolls on, as Mikey, Dave and #Twitterless Dr Earl tackle another handful of great movie roles from a legendary Hollywood actor one Arnold Schwarzaneggar.

The Deucecast Movie Show #336: The Arnold Sweet 16 (Ft Shaz!)


This time as the sweet 16 tournament roles on, Arnold Schwarzaneggar gets his day in the sun, matching up iconic characters like The Terminator, Quaid from Total Recall, John Matrix from Commando, Det Kimble from Kindergarten Cop and much more.

But to truly make this a well informed episode, the guys had to call in an 80s movie expert.
On the Binder & Binder Law Firm hotline, TechnoRetro Dad’s own Shazbazzer joins the group to discuss their favorites, which is better, which is worse, a love of Conan the Barbarian, what Mad Magazine called Conan, a true love of True Lies, the underrated Running Man and much, much more.
One character is crowned the winner and moves onto the Big Bracket!

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The Deucecast Movie Show #336: The Arnold Sweet 16 (Ft Shaz!)

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