Deucecast Movie Show

Do you watch movies? Do you listen to podcasts? Then you need The Deucecast!

Movie fans talking about movies. Especially ones with Natalie Portman, Emma Watson & Amy Adams. And Kevin Costner. And the Rock. And Tom Hardy. Oh, and Will Patton. And we love Jake Gyllenhaal. And…


The Deucecast is podcast done by movie fans for movie fans of all kinds.  Hosts Mikey, Pinky and Dave, along with a rotating cast of fun guests, discuss all sorts of movies–from new to old, fantastic to craptastic.  Some weeks are themed, others are lists of favorites and some are centered are one single film.  Play with movie games like “Denzel” or “The Ryan Philippe Game”, participate in voting in the annual Deucie Awards and yell at us when someone defends a Damon Wayans movie as “nearly the perfect film”.  If you love movies, you’ll love The Deucecast Movie Show!”