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Do you watch movies? Do you listen to podcasts? Then you need The Deucecast!

Movie fans talking about movies. Especially ones with Natalie Portman, Emma Watson & Amy Adams. And Kevin Costner. And the Rock. And Tom Hardy. Oh, and Will Patton. And we love Jake Gyllenhaal. And…

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The Deucecast is podcast done by movie fans for movie fans of all kinds.  Hosts Mikey, Pinky and Dave, along with a rotating cast of fun guests, discuss all sorts of movies–from new to old, fantastic to craptastic.  Some weeks are themed, others are lists of favorites and some are centered are one single film.  Play with movie games like “Denzel” or “The Ryan Philippe Game”, participate in voting in the annual Deucie Awards and yell at us when someone defends a Damon Wayans movie as “nearly the perfect film”.  If you love movies, you’ll love The Deucecast Movie Show!”

We announce on Twitter when we record, so you can listen live on Mixlr. Tune in there and chat with us, or subscribe to the podcast and send us email, tweets, and comments as you listen at your leisure. The more the merrier, so thanks for tuning in!



The Deucecast Movie Show #Ep 269: The Ides of ReFlicktions

Another month brings another batch of movies seen!

The Deucecast Movie Show #268: The 2017 Deucie Awards (and the Top Ten of the Year)

Roll out the red carpet! It's time for the 2017 Deucie Awards!
that girls

The Deucecast Movie Show #267: The Mount Rushmore of “That Girls”

Dave, Mikey and Pinky have discussed their own personal Mount Rushmore of actors (ep 219), actresses (ep 227), directors (ep 241) and "That Guys" (ep 250). To continue the series, they now turn their attention to the character actors of the fairer kind, the Mount Rushmore of "That Girls!"
Greatest Movie Year Ever

The Deucecast Movie Show #266 Greatest Movie Year Ever Part VI

Another round of movie year match-ups! These are films in the The Entertaining Eight, taking their shot at the greatest movie year ever!
Oscar Picks

The Deucecast Movie Show #265: Spring Preview & Oscar Picks

With the winter almost over (though it barely started) Pinky, D$ and Mikey look ahead to movies coming out in March, April & May and make their Oscar picks.

The Deucecast Movie Show #264: ReFlicktions & That Pittsburgh Feeling

Now that that silly love stuff is over, it's time to get to real issues of the day... The 4th Annual Deucie Award Nominations.
Valentine's Pink

The Deucecast Movie Show #263: Valentine’s Pink (ft Kaufman)

Love is in the air! Mikey, d$ and Pinky celebrate the time of love with a Valentine's Day themed episode!
Cinema 16

The Deucecast Movie Show #262: The Greatest Movie Year Ever Part V

After a three month break in the action, Pinky, Mikey and d$ return to finish out the final 16 movie years... the Cinema 16, if you will...

The Deucecast Movie Show #261: The Carrie Episode (with a Rogue One chat)

A special retrospective brings on a TechnoRetro Dad, that being Shazbazzar from TRD.

The Deucecast Movie Show #260: So Many January ReFlicktions

It's the start of a new year, and with that, the start of new movie goals and new movies seen!  Thus, the January ReFlicktions is super duper uper sized!
not 2016 top ten

The Deucecast Movie Show #259: The (not) 2016 Top Ten

The year of 2016 produced some great films, but there were many seen by Mikey, Dave and Pinky that they considered great as well. These are the not 2016 top ten.
lumps of coal

The Deucecast Movie Show #258: 2016’s Lumps of Coal

Throughout the year, there are good movies, there are bad movies, and there are movies that Dave, Mikey and Pinky watch that are just terrible.
2016 Christmas Gifts

The Deucecast Movie Show #257: 2016 Christmas Gifts

Another year is winding down, and the generosity of Mikey, Pinky, Dave and guest Remodeling Clay Shaver knows no ending.
Merry Christmas ReFlicktions

The Deucecast Movie Show #256: Merry Christmas ReFlicktions

Once a month, Mikey, Pinky, and Dave bring you a very long episode... not just because they are long winded, but because they have lots of movies to talk about.
Christmas Guilty Pleasures

The Deucecast Movie Show #255: Christmas Guilty Pleasures

It's that time... Christmas time is here... everybody knows, there's not a better time of year...
family gatherings

The Deucecast Movie Show #254: Family Gatherings

It's the holiday season, and whoop de doo, and hickory dock...
winter movie preview

The Deucecast Movie Show #253: Winter Movie Preview

Always looking ahead to the future, Mikey, Pinky & Dave brings you the previews of Winter Movies... The Official Winter Movie Preview, looking at what's upcoming over Christmas and into January and February.

The Deucecast Movie Show #252: DeuceGiving 2016

It's an annual tradition around these parts, where movie fans Mikey, Dave, and Pinky recognize the Thanksgiving Holiday by giving thanks to their favorite things of the movie and pop culture world.

The Deucecast Movie Show #251: Mikey + Affleck = Forever ReFlicktions

It's November and it's time for movie talk!  Mikey, Dave & Pinky welcome in Remodeling Clay Shaver
that guys

The Deucecast Movie Show #250: The Mt Rushmore of That Guys

After putting the top actors and actresses atop a Mount Rushmore, it's time for Dave, Mikey & Pinky to look at those THAT GUYS.
Political Films

The Deucecast Movie Show #249: Favorite Political Films

It's election season here in 'Merica, and to recognize, Mikey, Pinky, and Dave are talking favorite political films!
Greatest Movie Year Ever

The Deucecast Movie Show #248: The Greatest Movie Year Ever Tourney Part IV

Another great round of year matches in this part of the tournament, as Dave, Mikey & Pinky are determined to find the Greatest Year of Movies Ever!

The Deucecast Movie Show #247: MikeTober III: The Deucening…and ReFlicktions

With the pumpkins and ghosts adorning every Southern porch, you know that Halloween is nigh... and that means the return of MikeTober III: The Miking Hour.
religious films

The Deucecast Movie Show #246: Barn Raising Religious Films

Channeling our inner Left Behind with some Chris Tomlin and Kirk Cameron, The Deucecast Movie Show turns attention to those films with a religious tone.
greatest movie year ever

The Deucecast Movie Show #245: The Greatest Movie Year Ever Tournament Part III

Mikey, Dave, and Pinky come together once again to talk about movie years.  Great movie years.  In fact, the greatest movie year ever, in the greatest movie year ever tournament.

The Deucecast Movie Show #244: These Are Our Confessions

Mikey, Pinky, and Dave have things to get off their chest, secrets (or not so secrets) that they have been hiding down deep... but confessions are good for the soul. It's time to talk about these things out loud so the healing can begin.
movie review show

The Deucecast Movie Show #243: Reflicktions

Another monthly movie review show unfurls with September Reflicktions.
Fall Movie Preview

The Deucecast Movie Show #242: Fall Movie Preview

Fall is here and with it, the fall movie preview episode. The Birmingham area Sidewalk Film Festival comes to town with all sort of new independent films, as well the fall movies that are hitting the cinemas.
Rushmore of Directors

The Deucecast Movie Show #241: Mount Rushmore of Directors

After the actors and actresses that have been placed on each personal Mt Rushmore as All Time Favorites (see Episode 219 for Actors and Episode 227 for Actresses), its only fitting that the Mount Rushmore of Directors get their due.
Best Movie Year Ever

The Deucecast Movie Show #240 – The Best Movie Year Ever Tournament: Opening Round Part 2

The guys continue the tournament to identify the best movie year ever!
80s TV Shows

The Deucecast Movie Show #239: 70s and 80s TV Shows That Would Make Great Movies

If you've ever watched classic 70s or 80s TV shows and thought, "Man, these would be great movies!" then this is the Deucecast Movie Show episode for you!
Predator's Brother

The Deucecast Movie Show #238: ReFlicktions with Predator’s Brother

The guys are back again and discuss the films they've seen in the past month. Sean Hall, aka the Predator's brother, is a guest too!
Paige Davis

The Deucecast Movie Show #237: Favorite 90s RomComs with Paige Davis

The guys discuss their favorite Romantic Comedies from the 1990s with special guest Paige Davis!
Deucecast Movie Show #236: Best Movie Year Ever Tournament Round 1

The Deucecast Movie Show #236 -The Best Movie Year Ever Tournament: Opening Round

The guys try to do the impossible: Identify the best year in movies ever!
Favorite Summer Movies

The Deucecast Movie Show #235: Favorite Summer Movies

It's hot outside, like walking through hot soup, but our Favorite Summer Movies show is cool enough to replace your AC.  Not sure what that means, but this episode is awesome, so whatever.

The Deucecast Movie Show #234: ReFlicktions Juggernaut Episode

How can a couple of dudes take two and a half hours to discuss movies? These guys show how a juggernaut episode is done.
Magic City Con

The Deucecast Movie Show #232: PinkFlicksions

In the bowels of the Magic City Con (re: an hijacked side office room), Mikey, Pinky & Dave come together to do a bonus ReFlicktions episode.
Cult Films

The Deucecast Movie Show #231 – Cult Films

It's Cult Films, however you may define it. Movies that the guys feel have quite a following, movies that aren't forgotten, movies that define a slice of a generation.
unnecessary sequels

The Deucecast Movie Show #230: Unnecessary Sequels

You could say every episode after Ep 1 of The DeuceCast are all unnecessary sequels. But yet, it's 229 episodes later.

The Deucecast Movie Show #229: ReFlicktions Supersized Summer Edition

ReFlicktions is back again with a handful of movies to talk about, discuss, disseminate, propagate, and recommend!

The Deucecast Movie Show #228 – A Marvel-ous Discussion

Forget Everything You Think You Know (about Marvel movies)!
Mount Rushmore of Actresses

The Deucecast Movie Show #227: Mount Rushmore of Actresses

It's the Mount Rushmore of Actresses! The favorites of the group, both in talent, in beauty, in roles and in awesome. So listen up, and make your own list!
baby mamas

The Deucecast Movie Show #226: Favorite Films of Our Baby Mamas

Happy belated Mother's Day from Dave, Mikey, and Pinky!  Joined by Terrance Malick Apologist and Film Historian Dr Earl, the episode celebrates the movies of favorite "baby mamas."
May Reflicktions

The Deucecast Movie Show #225 – ReFlicktions

Mikey, Pinky, Dave and friend of the show and movie historian Dr Earl come together to talk about the last four weeks of movies they've seen.
Summer Movie Preview

The Deucecast Movie Show #224: Summer Movie Preview

It's the summer movie season and The Deucecast Movie Show is here to give you the summer movie preview on a few dozen flicks that you should see (Suicide Squad) and miss (War Craft) and everything in between.
deucecast origins show

The Deucecast Movie Show #223- Deucecast Origins

Where did the name "Deucecast" come from?  It's the origins show! 

The Deucecast Movie Show #233 – Favorite Movies About America

It's a tradition like apple pie, hot dogs, baseball and Will Smith movies... The Deucecast Movie Show once again giving you an Americana themed episode
deaucecast movie show reflicktions april 2016

The Deucecast Movie Show #221 – ReFlicktions April 2016

Mikey, Dave & Pinky return again to discuss all the movies seen in the past few weeks.

The Deucecast Movie Show #220: Favorite DC Comic Book Films

Along with their Top five favorite DC comic book films, the gang also gives a detailed review of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.
Deucecast Movie Show, Mt Rushmore

The Deucecast Movie Show #219 – Mt Rushmore of Actors

Now that the gang has given their all time 100 favorite films, its time to find out what actors belong the Mt Rushmore of Actors.                    It's time for the Mount Rushmore of Actors! The Deucecast Movie Show records once again from the Deucecast Studios in Meadowbrook, Alabama, and this time it's a quick 1/2 hour...just enough to fill your Deuce Cup. First, a brand new game called "The Rename Game", finding out what movie could also be called "The Ocho With a Negative Disposition." The main event in this episode is the Mount Rushmore of Actors. 

The Deucecast Movie Show #218 – Top Five Favorite Films of All Time

Its all been leading to this... Our Favorite Films of All Time

The Deucecast Movie Show #217 – Favorite Films of Amblin Entertainment

It's an epic episode of awesomeness with Dave, Mikey and Pinky as they take on the films made under the banner of Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment.

The Deucecast Movie Show #216 – Favorite Films of 2015

We finally close the book on The Year in Film 2015 with our favorite films, in Mid-March 2016.

The Deucecast Movie Show #215 – ReFlicktions

It's another round of the latest movies seen!
Top Ten Favorite Films

The Deucecast Movie Show #214 – Top Ten Favorite Films Part 1

Finally... it's here!  Dave, Mikey & Pinky have entered the Top Ten in our year long series of our Top 100 favorite films...

The Deucecast Movie Show #213 – Oscar Predictions

It's our annual Oscar show!  Here is the official Oscar ballot, and our Oscar predictions...

The Deucecast Movie Show #212

It's award season, in full swing this year!  Not only are Mikey, Pinky & Dave ready to talk all the movies they've seen in the last month or so, the official nominations for The Deucie Awards are released...

The Deucecast Movie Show #211

It's the season of romance. The season of love. The season of...Valentine's Pink.
Deucecast Movie Show

The Deucecast Movie Show #210

The 2016 movie preview (and the top 100 review).

The Deucecast Movie Show #209

There are a lot of movies that were seen in 2015 that were actually NOT from 2015.  Thus...the NOT 2015 Top Ten of 2015!
The Deucecast podcast

The Deucecast Movie Show #208

Once again, the Deucecast Movie Show blackmails talks a great guest into coming on the show!
The Deucecast 207

The Deucecast Movie Show #207: Retro January ReFlicktions w/Joe Tavano

It's the monthly ReFlicktions show! Mikey, Pinky, Dave & Joe give a huge rundown of movies seen last month.
The Deucecast podcast

The Deucecast #206: Top 100 Movies Countdown 20 to 11

The 100 favorite film countdown continues...entires 20 to 11, including music from Last of the Mohicans.

The Deucecast podcast