Podcast Stardust #256: The Bad Batch – Cut and Run – 0102

by Podcast Stardust

The Bad Batch meets with a clone deserter, learns more about Omega and inhibitor chips, and figures a way around chain codes in “Cut and Run.”

The Bad Batch continues as Clone Force 99 and Omega make their way to Saleucemi in search of the clone deserter Cut Lawquane. While on Saleucemi, Hunter and the Bad Batch learn more about inhibitor chips and a bit more about Omega. In addition, Hunter is beginning to have doubts whether Omega really belongs with Clone Force 99 and that perhaps she would be better suited with a family that could better take care of her. When Cut and his family try to leave Saleucemi, the Imperial invention of chain codes complicates things, and the Bad Batch must put their skills to use to find a solution.

On this fully armed and operational episode, we discuss:

  • The clone Cut Lawquane and his Twi’lek wife, Suu,
  • Omega’s similarities to Grogu from The Mandalorian and Rey Skywalker,
  • How The Bad Batch contains plot points similar to The Mandalorian,
  • The source of chain codes, as introduced in The Mandalorian,
  • Hunter’s struggle with whether he and Clone Force 99 can properly care for Omega.

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