Podcast Stardust #237: The High Republic: Into the Dark

by Podcast Stardust

When Jedi Padawan Reath Silas arrives on a mysterious space station with fugitives and other Jedi, a darkness is released that threatens the entire Republic in the latest novel from Star Wars: The High Republic.

The High Republic continues with Claudia Gray’s Into the Dark. On this episode of Podcast Stardust, we discuss Reath Silas’s adventure to a mysterious space station that holds many secrets. Some of these secrets stretch back through the millenia and impact the legendary Amaxine warriors. Others impact Affie Hollow, the bright young co-pilot of The Vessel, and her mother’s shipping guild. Still other secrets are even darker and more threatening.

On this fully armed and operational podcast, we discuss:

  • Reath Silas – the Jedi Padawan learning to cope with an assignment on the frontier,
  • Affie Hollow – a young co-pilot discovering the truth of the shipping guild she is adopted into,
  • Leox Gyasi and Geode – the captain and navigator of The Vessel,
  • Orla Jareni and Cohmac Vitus – older Jedi coming to grips with disagreements with the Jedi Council,
  • The threat of the Drengir, and
  • The mysterious space station discovered in the middle of the Great Disaster.

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