DorkLair #54: Pig-lizard (The Black Series Gamorrean Guard)

by DorkLair

The hosts recap their recent pickups, share the latest action figure news, provide some hunting tips, and review The Black Series Gamorrean Guard Target exclusive.

This week it’s back to school for Bill before the hosts go into a Black Series-centric episode. They share some of their recent pickups from the past week. And in the news are some NECA, Hot Toys, Movie Realization, Black Series, Bandai items and more. In this week’s feature, the hosts review The Black Series Gamorrean Guard.

In episode fifty-four, Bill recaps his sweltering return to the classroom, and in his last act of freedom before the new school year, the new DorkLair t-shirts are ready to go. The hosts picked up a few new items including some Black Series, Hot Toys, and Mythic Legions. “Master of the Hunt” is back to help collectors keep track of bargains, releases, restocks, and buy-nows. Follow the DorkLair Instagram for weekly questions to engage with the show.

In the News

Come hang out with the DorkLair hosts and listeners in the RetroZap Discord server, and get up-to-the-minute action figure news and drama-free collecting chat. Email the show at [email protected] or call 413-337-1138 with chat topics and news you’d like the hosts to discuss. The feature figure this week is the Mezco Knightmare Batman One:12 Collective action figure. Hear the hosts review on the latest episode of the DorkLair!

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DorkLair is a collecting podcast with emphasis on premium action figures. Host Bill Drewnowski has been collecting and following Star Wars SH Figuarts since 2015 when the line first began. Therefore it is a primary focus of his Star Wars collection. In each episode, Bill features one figure from his hobby room, the DorkLair, for discussion, review, and recommendation. Guests include members of the collecting community who share varying levels of interest in premium and import action figures.

Bill and guests sit down each week with figure in hand and the mission to appreciate the simple style and heroic action of the Star Wars SH Figuarts line in its entirety, one figure per episode. The DorkLair takes a look at all the hits and misses in the line, including honest criticism and which figures to skip completely. Meanwhile there is opportunity for comparison between other lines in similar scale including Hasbro’s The Black Series and Medicom’s MAFEX lines.

In addition to the feature figure, Bill and guests cover announcements, pre-orders, exclusives, new releases, collecting tips, and hunting strategies. From casual Black Series collectors looking to learn about imports for the first time, to SH Figuarts completionists seeking in-depth talk about their favorite releases, the DorkLair is a perfect place to enjoy import collecting.

DorkLair #54: Pig-lizard (The Black Series Gamorrean Guard)

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