Brews and Blasters 164: Falcon Friday Free For All

by Brews and Blasters

Falcon Friday has come! New figures for Solo: A Star Wars Story are hittin’ the streets, and you can bet Chris and Joe have their hands on them! All that, plus some Last Starfighter talk and two contests!

New figures for Solo: A Star Wars Story are out right now and Chris and Joe already have the jump on some of the new figures as Falcon Friday and Wookiee Weekend are upon us! Listen in to find out your best plan for seeking out the new waves, what’s coming down the line for the movie release, and a whole lot more! Plus, we have TWO–count em TWO–giveaways in this episode, so let the Star Wars Party begin NOW to see how you can win! It’s time for Brews and Blasters.

Brews and Blasters 164: Falcon Friday Free For All


Also In This Episode

  • Episode 164, Powered by vodka
  • Is The Last Starfighter coming back?
  • Swearing like sailors when we were kids
  • Update on Rian Johnson’s new trilogy
  • Contest #1: Star Wars Breakfast Cookbook, courtesy of Chronicle books
  • Falcon Friday
    • What is the optimal strategy in our new collecting reality?
    • A few things to know when buying from third party toy sites
    • Predictions and discussion on what will be available to Solo: A Star Wars Story
    • Force Link 2.0 Figures, 2-Packs, Creature Packs, Vehicles, Black Series
  • NeedEm GotEm: Black Series Wave 16 Reviews
    • Range Trooper
    • Grand Moff Tarkin
    • Young Han Solo
    • Young Lando Calrissian
    • Death Squad Commander (new face sculpt)
    • Jawa
  • Contest #2: Win Top Trumps Card Set and Expansion Packs, courtesy of Top Trumps


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Brews and Blasters 164: Falcon Friday Free For All

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