Brews and Blasters: Star Wars Podcast that Likes to Party

Brews and Blasters podcast Star Wars Party, Star Wars podcast

The Star Wars podcast party starts here! This is Brews and Blasters.

Welcome to a different sort of Star Wars podcast. Born from the discussions between two friends at a local pub in the historic town of Salem, Massachusetts, Brews and Blasters is your chance to kick back and enjoy everything about that galaxy far, far away.

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Each episode, hosts Chris Salton and Joe Tavano sit down every week to do what would be doing anyway–talk about all things Star Wars, tell some stories, and have a good time. Join them as they share their love for Star Wars, the most obscure Star Wars characters, Boston’s North Shore, 1980s pop culture and delicious food, and occasionally talk to fascinating people–and friends, like an anthropomorphic packet of crystallized lime.

Twin Suns

Brews and Blasters 113: Twin Suns, Shaz and Shellfish

What was Kenobi cooking in that fire, anyway? Joe and Shaz hanker for a hunk of cheese as they discuss Twin Suns, Han Solo's name, and much more.
Jedi Cologne

Brews and Blasters 112: Jedi Cologne

How does an in-depth Star Wars conversation end up on an alt-rock band from 1994? Welcome to Brews and Blasters. We use Jedi cologne.

Brews and Blasters 111: JNCO Jeans and Celebration Orlando

Star Wars nostalgia gives way to Celebration questions and of course, JNCO jeans. What else, right?
Blue Russians

Brews and Blasters 110: Blue Russians

Blue Milk is so blasé. This week the boys get weird with Blue Russians and end up talking about Jedi riding ostriches. Star Wars!
Yoda Arc

Brews and Blasters 109: Joe Watches The Yoda Arc

Our look back at the arcs of The Clone Wars continues with The Yoda Arc!
John Williams yoda old chicken

Brews and Blasters 108: Maybe Yoda’s Just a Really Old Chicken

I mean, look at those toes. Yoda may actually just be a really, really, really old chicken. Enjoy the show.
Joe Watches The Mortis Arc

Brews and Blasters 107: Joe Watches The Mortis Arc

Brews and Blasters has a look at one of the most mind-blowing stories in all of Star Wars, The Mortis Arc. Whooooah!
Bor Gullet

Brews and Blasters 106: Bor Gullet is in Return of the Jedi

Bor Gullet, Bucky O'Hare, Silverhawks, Special Editions, and oh so much more Star Wars talk!  Are you ready to party?
The Last Samurai, The Last Jedi

Brews and Blasters 105: The Professors

I won't tell you how they died. I will tell you how they lived. We start talking about The Last Jedi and end up talking about The Last Samurai. They are all perfect.

Brews and Blasters 104: Twenty Kowakian Monkey Lizards

Go ahead, count em. There's twenty Kowakian monkey lizards in our show image and Darksabers on our mind. Aye.
Tish Nip Ib (Prune Face is gone)

Brews and Blasters 103: Tish Nip Ib

Tish Nip Ib? Ish tib nib? Nish nib bib? YES.
Slashing Action

Brews and Blasters 102: Slashing Action!

Slashing action: it's the question and the answer. Slashing action is more than a figure feature; it's a way of life.
Carrie Fisher

Brews and Blasters 101: To Us, She’s Royalty

Chris and Joe do their best to wrap their heads around the staggering loss of Carrie Fisher and how the impact of that loss has reverberated around the world.
Rogue One Roundtable

Brews and Blasters 100: Rogue One Roundtable

100 episodes and the Star Wars Party rages on with a huge RetroZap Roundtable! 3+ hours of Rogue One fun!
Rogue One Preview

Brews and Blasters 99: Going off the Cliff

It's our Rogue One preview show! There's no better way to celebrate a new Star Wars movie than to dive full on into hype, open up some new figures, play some listener feedback, and give away some prizes!
Tyler Westhause

Special: Brews and Blasters meet Tyler Westhause

It's been said that Brews and Blasters interviews can bring out information and details you'd never heard on another show, and that is as true as ever as Joe meets Tyler Westhause, a rising figure in the Star Wars fan community.
rogue one tickets

Brews and Blasters 98: Hangin on by a Thread

This one is a real mammajamma! Chris and Joe get weird with cognac and recap the Rogue One tickets release and Thanksgiving dinner.

Brews and Blasters 97: Rogue One, Reubens and Thanksgiving

Rogue One news, Threepio thoughts and Thanksgiving food with a North Shore flair. Let's start the Star Wars party now!
Richard Grieco

Brews and Blasters 96: Richard Grieco

We're tackling the tough topics in Star Wars this week. Like Rogue One, Darth Maul comics, new Black Series figures, and of course, the secrets of Richard Grieco.

Brews and Blasters #95: Dinosaurs on Naboo

Padmé don't care. There were dinosaurs all over the place but she couldn't be bothered. We all know you needed this today.

Brews and Blasters 94: We saw a UFO (Possibly)

A UFO can't stop us from talking cartoon theme songs, Renegade style, and exploring the idea that Rey might be a clone.

Brews and Blasters 93: Luda and Lobot

Some hardcore Star Wars talk in this episode. And shoes talk. And lunch. Who's gonna be Lobot? The question remains unanswered.

Brews and Blasters 92: Sub Shop Menus on Our Faces

Chris and Joe decide on Halloween costumes, ponder some designs for new Rogue One posters and just appreciate the Blurrg.
Comin Out of Their Shells

Brews and Blasters 91: Comin Out of Their Shells

Longtime listeners know that we're cursed to record just before every trailer reveal. Whatevs. No other Star Wars podcast is listening to Comin Out of Their Shells, either!
Rebel Commando Pao

Brews and Blasters 90: Sa’Kalla!

Pao may say Sa'Kalla, but Chris and Joe say that the Star Wars party starts now!
Rogue Friday

Brews and Blasters 89: Rogue Friday Preview and Limoncello

Rogue Friday has come! Chris and Joe open a ton of Rogue One figures, talk about the Bendu, and invent a signature drink.
Great Heep

Brews and Blasters 88: Kayakface

Do you remember The Great Heep? Ever have a sandwich with broccoli rabe? Why wouldn't K2SO wear Cassian's hat?

Brews and Blasters 87: Mysteries!

Mysteries abound! A third voice? Soap? Trek!? Why does Chris have K2-SO?! Time for Sippy Sips and a Star Wars party!

Brews and Blasters 86: Whales and Whiskey

It's all about Rogue One merch reveals this week! Death troopers, shore troopers, black series & more. Oh yeah, and whales. So many whales. And whiskey too!
Dengar Dan

Brews and Blasters 85: Talking Funko in the Hive with Dengar Dan

Whether your collection is in a room, closet, or baler, Joe and Dengar Dan discuss how to make the most of it!
Kenny Baker

Brews and Blasters 84: For Kenny

This one's for Kenny Baker, so let's celebrate the life of a true legend.
Rogue One Trailer 2

Brews and Blasters 83: 97.6% Jazzed Up about Rogue One Trailer 2

The first podcast to discuss Rogue One Trailer 2? Maybe. The only one to also play Vince Di Cola 80s music? Definitely.
Brews and Blasters 82: Chris and Joe's Excellent Star Wars Adventure

Brews and Blasters 82: Chris and Joe’s Excellent Star Wars Adventure

Where is Luke? New Rey theories, Spiked Seltzers and #NeedEmGotEm, plus some of the most excellent music in the galaxy.
Life Debt review

Brews and Blasters 81: Life Debt

Mike Audette joins to talk San Diego Comic Con, then we go into a thorough Star Wars: Aftermath: Life Debt review. But where's Malakili!
Edrio Two Tubes

Brews and Blasters 80: Everything Except Edrio Two Tubes

Why no Edrio Two Tubes? We literally ran out of time in this jam packed episode! And we forgot.
Rogue One Sizzle Reel

Brews and Blasters 79: Rogue One Sizzle Reel Roundtable

The knights of the RetroZap round table are gathered to discuss the amazing Rogue One sizzle reel from Celebration Anaheim!
convention exclusive figures

Brews and Blasters 78: Paper Mache Heads

Convention Exclusive Figures! Rogue One trailers! Paper Mache Heads! Legends of buried treasure!  The Star Wars party starts here.
Crown Royal

Brews and Blasters 77: Crown Royal & Fisherman’s Friend

The Star Wars party is here! We're drinking Crown Royal and talking Rogue One, E.T., Lego Star Wars, and more.
Courtship of Christopher Salton

Brews and Blasters 76: The Courtship of Christopher Salton

Chris is getting married and there's Rogue One news, too!
Star Wars Video Games

Brews and Blasters #75: Bib for a Tuna

The Star Wars party is here! This time we talk Star Wars video games, old and new.
Neil Diamond

Brews and Blasters #74: The Neil Diamond Episode

Chris, Joe, a few brews, a few Neil Diamond tracks, some Star Wars talk--it's the party you never knew you needed.

Brews and Blasters #73: Bloodline

Mike Audette is in the hot seat this week to talk about Rogue One hysteria, fan enthusiasm, and a little book called Star Wars Bloodline!
Celebration Orlando tickets

Brews and Blasters #72: Determination, Perseverance

Did Chris and Joe get VIP Celebration Orlando tickets? Find out!
Brews and Blasters 71 trivia Marvel Darth Vader

Brews and Blasters #71: Losing at Trivia

What does it take for Scott Ryfun to lose at Star Wars  trivia?
Star Wars Celebration Brews and Blasters 70

Brews and Blasters #70: The Fringe

Star Wars Celebration plans, alligators, #Fettquest, possessed toys. Best time ever.
Brews and Blasters 69

Brews and Blasters #69: High Society!

May the Fourth, Celebration 2017, retro games, breakfast sandwiches and a new character voice. All in a day's work.
Brews and Blasters 68 Casual Castin Zeppole

Brews and Blasters #68: Casual Castin

Keep is casual this weekend as the boys kick back with Star Wars talk and zeppoles. The Star Wars party starts here!
Brews and Blasters 67 scotch eggs

Brews and Blasters #67: Sippy Sip

Giveaways, Fettquest, lefties, scotch eggs, and weird food talk. The Star Wars party begins!
Coffee with Kenobi

Brews and Blasters #66: Brews and Coffee and Blasters with Kenobi

It's the ultimate Star Wars beverage podcast mashup! Dan and Cory from Coffee with Kenobi are guests on Brews and Blasters!
Brews and Blasters 65, new deal fruit

Brews and Blasters #65: North End Eye Guy

The Force Awakens release, comics discussion with Dennis, Chrono Clone Wars, OppoDonates, Need Em Got Em, subs from New Deal Fruit, cannolis, tortellini and more on Brews and Blasters 65.
Brews and Blasters 64, Twilight of the Apprentice

Brews and Blasters #64: Twilight of the Apprentice Reactions

We talk about "Twilight of the Apprentice," listen to voicemails, talk to fellow Retrozappers, talk about haircuts, and check in with Sam Rockwell. Basically, it's just like Serial.
Brews and Blasters Star Wars Party

Brews and Blasters #63: I’m like Sam Rockwell

Ready to get weird? Chris and Joe both have colds, but they carry on with the Star Wars Party nonetheless! Why Sam Rockwell, you ask?
Brews and Blasters, Oppo Rancisis, Joe Pesci, Pancakes, Star Wars

Brews and Blasters #62: Oppo, Flapjacks, Teeni Drinks

Joe poses a tough question to the Jedi Order, Chris orders a rack of ribs before The Clone Wars, and that's about as orderly as things get.
Brews and Blasters, My Star Wars Story, Scott Ryfun, Kiss, Star Wars, podcast

Brews and Blasters #61: My Star Wars Sandwich Story

What happens when two guys try to equate seven Star Wars films with sandwiches and beverages? This.
Brews and Blasters 60

Brews and Blasters #60: Need Em Got Em

The Star Wars party begins! Here's two hours of Star Wars fun to kick off the weekend.
Brews and Blasters renegades

Brews and Blasters #59: Renegades

Yeah that's right, we're renegades! Tune in this week to hear Chris and Joe talk about renegade-ey things and Star Wars.
Winter Hat Guy

Brews and Blasters #58: Wintah Hat Guy

Chris and Joe take a break this week to allow Winter Hat Guy and Robe Man to take over the Brews and Blasters studio!
Steve Glosson

Brews and Blasters #57: SPECIAL: An Evening with Steve Glosson

Join Joe and Steve for a fantastic conversation that goes into everything from the 1980s.
Brews and Blasters 56 JoShek

Brews and Blasters #56: JoShek

We got a few supercolds and a lot to discuss! Star Wars figures, big league chew, and a brand new game are all coming up on this week's Brews and Blasters.

Brews and Blasters #55: End of the Road

Predators, pizza, philosophizing and Boyz II Men. And Star Wars. Hang out with Chris and Joe and have some fun!

Brews and Blasters #54: Twelve Pack #1

Get ready for a twelve pack of audio supercolds!
Brews and Blasters 53

Brews and Blasters #53: Wolfman, Patches, Newbacca

New music! New topics! New-bacca? Chris and Joe start riffing on lots of things they can't remember now...
Brews and Blasters, Poe Dameron, Bro Dameron

Brews and Blasters #52: Bro Dameron

Bro Dameron, Boss Noss, The Force Awakens thoughts and theories and soft-goods cape pants. Yup, Chris and Joe are back!

Brews and Blasters #51: David Collins and Home Brews

We kick off 2016 in style with an amazing interview with David Collins and enjoy some tasty home brews!
The Force Awakens

Brews and Blasters #50: The Force Awakens Roundtable

It's the Great RetroZap The Force Awakens Roundtable!
Brews and Blasters

Brews and Blasters #49: For the Ride to the Movie Theater

Here's a short Brews and Blasters to get you pumped up on your ride over to the movie theaters!

Brews and Blasters #48: Jedi News, Major News, Chinese Food

Only days to go! We talk to Mark Newbold of Jedi News, and get pumped for the release!

Brews and Blasters #47: Chris and Joe get Full of Sith

Two weeks to go...are you ready? We talk with Bobby Roberts from the Full of Sith and more.
Brews and Blasters, Thanksgiving, leftovers

Brews and Blasters #46: Thanksgiving Leftovers Special

Thanksgiving is over, so skip the open-face turkey sandwiches and stuff yourself on a special Brews and Blasters podcast featuring Vanessa Marshall!

Brews and Blasters #45: Anthony Breznican, Vanessa Marshall

Another huge Brews and Blasters as Chris & Joe hang out with EW Senior Writer Anthony Breznican!

Brews and Blasters #44: We met Oppo Rancisis

2+ hours of Star Wars madness! Expect some surprises, unexpectedly!

Brews and Blasters #43: Gammorrean Guard Thinking Mask

If it's going on in Star Wars, Chris and Joe are talking about it!

Brews and Blasters #42: The Force Awakens Trailer show

The trailer. The poster. The tickets. A post-show Rebels recap. This is Star Wars.

Brews and Blasters #41: Crystal Lime

A huge show this week with the Rebels season two premiere, full trailer rumors & a new friend.

Brews and Blasters #40: Like Doc Brown Ripping Up Marty’s Letter

John from Super Awesome Geek Show joins Joe to announce SDCC Exclusive First Order Stormtrooper contest winner !

Brews and Blasters #39: The First Marker

Chris is back and the boys are ripping it up on this episode! No spoilers here-just have fun!

Brews and Blasters #38: B-List Bounty Hunters

RetroZap writer Dennis Keithly joins Joe this week to talk about everything from Star Wars comics, to the new 360-degree video, to Greedo's true intentions.

Brews and Blasters #37: Ben Kenobi uses Snapchat

Collecting chaos. New books and comics. TV & a MOVIE on the way! Can the guys juggle it all?

Brews and Blasters #36: Little Monsters

It's the Force Friday recap show! Midnight madness adventures, hunting stories and more. Like Little Monsters.
Force Friday

Brews and Blasters #35: Force Friday Special

Listen to Chris & Joe on your way to Force Friday!

Brews and Blasters #34: Every Bam is a Movie

We're on the edge of a fandom precipice--one week until Force Friday!!

Brews and Blasters #33: Hothston

It's a jam-packed episode this week as John and Daryl from Super Awesome Geek Show join us to talk all things Star Wars and much more.

Brews and Blasters #32: Ki Adi Monday Dot Com

We're all over the place as we discuss Yaddle, Jean Jackets, and space! There's TFA news at the end!

Brews and Blasters #31: Pause for Tortellini

You'll find we're full of surprises as Joe shows Chris something great from Boston Comic-Con.

Brews and Blasters #30: We’re Getting Jobs at Toys ‘R’ Us

Do we create the ultimate plan for Force Friday, or do we just eat a bunch of burgers? Or...both?

Brews and Blasters #29: The Food Episode

Iced coffee, steak tips, Wuher the bartender--we're talking about it all and more this week!

Brews and Blasters #28: We Might Need a Carriage

SDCC, Force Friday, and of course Lord Blorg. Lord Blorg? Find out where he fits in to all this!

Brews and Blasters #27: Supercold Dark Disciples

Joe & Chris talk to RetroZapper Mike Audette for a Star Wars: Dark Disciple spoiler discussion.

Brews and Blasters #26: IG-BBQ-88

There's no way to describe this episode briefly--you'll just have to listen!

Brews and Blasters #25: Attack of the Things

We pay our respects to Sir Christopher Lee and discuss how awesome Episode II really is.

Brews and Blasters #24 Oppo-tunity

A jam-packed episode featuring Rotta the Hutt, Poe & Kylo: the high school years, our favorite King Cobra, and much, much more!

Brews and Blasters #23: Corvette Summers

On this week's show, Chris and Joe discover an interesting way of rating some unique films.

Brews and Blasters #22: Malakili Shirts

Star Wars Weekends! Movie Posters! Lightsabers! Rancor Keeper discussion!

Brews and Blasters #21: The Sweathogs of Star Wars Fandom

That's right, we go there: Welcome Back, Kotter references!

Brews and Blasters #20: Didn’t Listen to Riley

Chris is on "special assignment," so Riley from the Star Wars Report keeps Joe company.

Brews and Blasters #19: The Mulch Incident?!

Chris has some big news, recaps his California adventure, and much more!

Brews and Blasters #18: May the Fourth be with You!

Happy Star Wars Day from all of us here at RetroZap!
Brews and Blasters #17

Brews and Blasters #17: These are All Great Things Though

On Brews and Blasters #17: Chris tries his hand at impressions, and there are consequences.

Brews and Blasters #16: Death Star Convenience Store

Part 1 of 2 of our pre-Celebration podcasts. We're all over the place on this one. Have fun!

Brews and Blasters #15: DinoSaucers, etc.

We discuss 80s cartoons, the TIE Fighter short, true roast beef sandwiches, and much more.

Brews and Blasters #14: Chris Hates Scallops

Happy Easter! So Chris apparently hates seafood & we talk about a lot of other stuff too.

Brews and Blasters #13: Snakey or Sneaky?

Chris runs out of steam, Joe shuts down the show a couple of times, and hilarity ensures!

Brews and Blasters #12: The Harrison Ford Incident

Recorded minutes after his fateful plane crash...

Brews and Blasters #11: Mandolorian Mortgage

"Fire Across the Galaxy" predictions, Chris feels blue & Joe tells a story about hot wings.

Brews and Blasters #10: Breakfast and Blasters?

We're super tired, but have a lot of fun. Suddenly: sound effects!

Brews and Blasters #9: Lightsaber Deli Slicer

Don't you remember that part of the saga? 

Brews and Blasters #8: Gregory Peck as Artoo Detoo

Don't worry, all will be explained in the episode. Sort of. 

Brews and Blasters #7: Battle for Endor Commentary

We listen to the Alf animated series theme song at 1:21:26. We get weird.

Brews and Blasters #6: Caravan of Courage Commentary

We did it! The first in The Ewok Adventures commentary series is now live! 

Brews and Blasters #5: Salacious Crumb, CPA

Yes, we actually discuss this. And the Ewok movies.

Brews and Blasters #4: Green Ham and Eggs

How DID the Rancor get inside that palace?

Brews and Blasters #3: Reybacca

In this episode, Joey and Chris discuss the recently released character names and lament the dearth of action figures on the pegs.

Brews and Blasters #2: Wioslea?

This was originally a test episode, but we had too much fun to keep it on the shelf. Enjoy!

Brews and Blasters #1: The First Episode

At long last--the first installment of RetroZap's free-ranging podcast about all things Star Wars!