Brews and Blasters 153: Star Wars Rebels: The End is Nigh

by Brews and Blasters

It’s (nearly) over now…Star Wars Rebels is in its homestretch and we have plenty to say about it! Why are The Ones from Mortis back? What will happen when Ezra meets the Emperor? What is the final fate of our heroes?

We go over the Star Wars Rebels air dates, episode titles, descriptions and make predictions about the finale of this epic series, but not before admitting our blood runs thick with mortadella, and daring each other to get our midi-chlorians tested. Godspeed Rebels!

Did anybody order a Loveburger? The Star Wars Party Starts NOW! It’s time for Brews and Blasters.

Brews and Blasters 153: Star Wars Rebels: The End is Nigh


Also in This Episode

  • We’re drinking Woodford Reserve
  • Blind Box figure roulette
    • Disney Vinylmation update
    • Bob’s Burger figures
  • Can’t Hardly Wait retrospective
    • Star Wars references in the 1998 movie!
    • Did anyone order a Loveburger?
  • Baby update
    • What if the Emperor was an Ob/Gyn
    • Choosing baby names
    • We have some good ideas.
    • Midi-chlorian counts
  • Toys R Us are closing stores
    • Who is really looking for action figures in 2018?
    • Remember Cap Gun He-Man?
  • Rian Johnson’s Bookshelf and The Last Jedi Inspiration
    • Chris and Joe geek out about Rian having The Jedi Path& The Book of Sith.
    • Then Joe really geeks out about the Chicago Manual of Style (16th Edition).
  • Dr. Evazan went to college for 7 years to be the man he became.
  • The End of Star Wars Rebels
    • Looking back on Kevin Kiner’s best work.The final trailer for Rebels
    • This is it.
    • Ian McDiarmid is coming back!
    • Why are The Ones from Mortis back?!
    • Get ready for the final episodes with “Joe watches the Mortis Arc
    • Air dates, episode titles, descriptions and predictions
    • The final fate of Thrawn
    • Who’s gonna die?
  • The Jedi Council throws keg parties
  • Ezra’s had the toughest time.
    • The Master of Rejection
    • He’s never got the breaks.
    • Always had to try harder.
  • Update on Darth Vader volume 2
  • Voicemail
  • The wisdom of Wookiees?in Love
  • The smoothness of Poe Dameron


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Brews and Blasters 153: Star Wars Rebels: The End is Nigh

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