ARGcast #139: Gaming With Siblings with Ross and Elaine Jaynes

by ARGcast

Brother and sister duo Ross Jaynes and Elaine Jaynes join us to chat about the siblings dynamic growing up with video games.

It’s a sibling rivalry, ARGonauts! Returning guest Ross Jaynes joins us along with his sister and Nerd and Needle owner Elaine Jaynes to discuss the brother and sister dynamic when playing video games. Everyone who grew up with siblings can relate to some of the stories told here!

This week’s news has us ponder over the over 10 new game announcements that will happen during The Game Awards. We also look into the PlayStation 5 possibly using cartridges, Parasite Eve potentially making a comeback, and game studio Nicalis teasing us with their idea for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game.

The Stage of History has us seeing double vision with Double Dragon II: The Revenge and ToeJam & Earl. Robert then keeps our pulses running with the Sega Channel exclusive Pulseman in Obscura. Be sure to grab our game giveaways, then stick with us for another round of Random Select. Who could David be this time?

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