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It’s the ARGcast — Another Retro-Gaming Podcast! Join David Giltinan and Robert Workman for a retro game show like none other!

From the ashes, David Giltinan and Robert Workman return to invade your ears with (what else?) Another Retro Gaming Podcast! Join us and be sure to subscribe for gaming talk with a retro bend. We’ll have topics to discuss, old school titles to celebrate, guests to entertain, and even games to give away! It’s a whole new era here on ARGcast. Subscribe and become an ARGonaut today!

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ARGcast #50: Whipping Snakes in West of Loathing

West of Loathing developers Zack Johnson and Kevin Simmons joins us to chat about their minimalistic, open world, Western-themed RPG, and more retro gaming!

ARGcast #49: Games Galore and More at PAX East 2017

We come to you LIVE from Boston during PAX East 2017 with more games and interviews than you can carry. Seriously, there's a lot!

ARGcast #48: Rappin’ PAX with HipHopGamer of HOT97

HOT97's hype man of gaming HipHopGamer joins us to share what we're all looking forward to seeing and playing at PAX East 2017!

ARGcast #47: GDC 2017 Recap and Nintendo Switch

David was at GDC! Hear some of the craziest stories and interviews on the show floor, PLUS we get into Nintendo Switch talk.

ARGcast #46: Radically Dreaming with “ThaBass” Jason Bassett

Dive into some major Chrono lore as we discuss the Japanese only visual novel sequel to Chrono Trigger with our good buddy Jason Bassett!

ARGcast #45: Retro Gaming Love (and Hate) with Kelsey Lewin of Pink Gorilla Games

Pink Gorilla Games owner Kelsey Lewin joins us to share our favorite and not so favorite aspects of retro gaming, and more!

ARGcast #44: Storytelling and Starr Mazer with Lead Writer Vanessa Williams

Film director and Starr Mazer lead writer Vanessa Williams chats with us about her point-and-click/shmup hybrid, storytelling in games, and more!

ARGcast #43: 2064 Read Only Memories with MidBoss Founder Matt Conn

We welcome MidBoss founder and game designer Matt Conn to chat about his game 2064: Read Only Memories, LGBTQ representation in games, and more!

ARGcast #42: Mystic Searches and The New 8-Bit Heroes with Joe Granato

Joe Granato takes a trip back to his past to make the NES game he envisioned, as well as the documentary that chronicles his journey.

ARGcast #41: Exploring Vidar with Game Creator Dean Razavi

Attorney turned game designer Dean Razavi joins us to chat about his game RPG puzzler Vidar, Nintendo Switch, and more retro gaming!

ARGcast #40: Movie Pairings with Mikey of The Deucecast

Michael Nipp of fellow RetroZap podcast The Deucecast joins us to apply his movie knowledge to retro games, and our thoughts on the return of Starcade!

ARGcast #39: Spilling New Blood with Dave Oshry

We kick off 2017 with a bloody bang as Dave Oshry of New Blood Interactive joins us to discuss his studio's classic FPS homage Dusk, and more retro gaming!

ARGcast #38: The Best of 2016 with Evan Bourgault

"King Baby Duck" Evan Bourgault joins us to close out the year with a bang (and other sound effects) as we share our top games of 2016!
Conrad Zimmerman

ARGcast #37: Walking the Plague Road with Conrad Zimmerman

Destructoid alum turned game developer Conrad Zimmerman joins the show to discuss Plague Road, and then... the Cheetahmen!
Richard James Cook

ARGcast #36: Surviving Indie with Richard James Cook

Game developer and filmmaker Richard James Cook talks to us about his documentary Surviving Indie, plus we chat Capcom franchises that need a comeback!

ARGcast #35: LIVE at PlayStation Experience – PSX 2016!

Join David, Robert, and their friends live during PSX weekend. We chat about all that happened during the event, plus interviews galore!

ARGcast #34: PSX-pectations with Gamepump Founder Robert Bowling

We're getting ready to head to Anaheim, but not before speaking with Gamepump founder Robert Bowling about his amazing service for retro gamers!

ARGcast #33: Spittin’ GameCube with The Hashtagonist and WolverSteve

The hilarious and "furrious" Hashtagonist joins us to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the GameCube, and cosplayer WolverSteve chats Wolverine games!

ARGcast #32: Celebrating Xbox with Games Writer David Craddock

Book author and Shacknews editor David Craddock joins us to discuss his published works, and the 15th anniversary of the original Xbox!

ARGcast #31: Albino Lullaby with Justin Pappas (and Bill Gardner!)

It's an Irrational reunion as we welcome Justin Pappas and Bill Gardner on the show to chat about Albino Lullaby, and controversial games in history!
Keisha Howard

ARGcast #30: Sugar Gamers’ Keisha Howard and Watch Dogs 2

Head Sugargamer Keisha Howard joins us to chat about her many gaming industry ventures, and having an unlikely love for Bubsy 3D!

ARGcast #29: Friday the 13th and PS2 Anniversary with Randy Greenback

Executive Producer Randy Greenback gets spooky with us about Friday the 13th: The Game and the 16th anniversary of the PlayStation 2!
Pixel Noir

ARGcast #28: Nintendo Switch, Pixel Noir, and Simpsons w/ Tim Robinson

David and Robert are joined by Tim Robinson of SWDTech Games to get into the Nintendo Switch reveal, his game Pixel Noir, and Simpsons games!
Dave Vogt

ARGcast #27: New Atari Game and Polybius with Dave Vogt

There's a shiny new Atari 2600 cartridge coming your way, and we have BOSS publisher Dave Vogt to talk all about it and the urban legend of Polybius!
Danny Silvers

ARGcast #26: DOS Gaming with Indie Developer Danny Silvers

Time to take a trip back to the past where DOS games were king! Join us along with Lantana Games and Boston FIG founder Danny Silvers.
Tony Polanco

ARGcast #25: XPO Tulsa and Arnold Palmer with Tony Polanco

We welcome The Koalition's Tony Polanco to discuss Robert's trip to XPO Tulsa, and remembering Arnold Palmer through our favorite golf games!
Rad Raygun

ARGcast #24: Mega Fun with Super Rad Raygun Creator Chris Bryant

Take a trip back to the '80s as we chat with Chris Bryant of TRU FUN Entertainment about his retro shooter Super Rad Raygun!

ARGcast #23: Remembering ColecoVision and Boston Indie Games

Coleco: The Official Book author Antoine Clerc-Renaud chats with us about ColecoVision and more, plus David interviews from Boston Festival of Indie Games!

ARGcast #22: Dreamcast Anniversary and Call of Duty with Trevor Stricker

Former Sega/Visual Concepts/Smilebit Programmer and Disco Pixel Founder Trevor Stricker joins us to celebrate all things Dreamcast!
Andre Tipton

ARGcast #21: No Man’s Sky Refunds and Deep Cuts with Andre Tipton

The Real Otaku Gamer himself Andre Tipton joins us for some No Man's Sky drama, Nintendo one hit wonders, and more retro gaming!
Martin Alessi

ARGcast #20: Happy Birthday, SNES! (with Martin Alessi)

We celebrate the 25th anniversary of the SNES with EGM alum, former RETRO Magazine writer, and Little Player Magazine creator Martin Alessi!
Kinsey Burke

ARGcast #19: The Queen of Retro Gaming Kinsey Burke

We are joined by the "Queen of Retro Gaming" Kinsey Burke to chat about MetalJesusRocks, THQ Nordic, a GoldenEye 007 remake and more retro gaming!

ARGcast #18: QuakeCon 2016, and Nintendo Hates Metroid?

Robert spoke with some cool cats at QuakeCon, plus we cover the latest fan project that got slammed by Nintendo's legal hammer!

ARGcast #17: Explaining Games with Ash Paulsen

Ash Paulsen of UDON and GameXplain joins us to discuss his career so far, Nintendo's official book backing, and more retro gaming!
Nintendo NX

ARGcast #16: Nintendo NX Details and More Sonic!

Join us as we discuss Nintendo NX leaks, new Sonic the Hedgehog games that look mighty familiar, and our favorite comic book themed retro titles with special guest Bill Gardner!

ARGcast #15: Keeping Classic with Adam Fitch of Natsume

Adam Fitch of Natsume joins us to chat about about the return of classic franchises, Nintendo winning Christmas already with the mini NES, and Bible games making a return on Kickstarter!

ARGcast #14: Catching Pokemon with Glass Knuckle’s James Johnston

We are joined by the lovable scamp from Glass Knuckle Games James Johnston to chat about his his studio, big dreams, the wild success of Pokemon GO, Ghostbusters games throughout history, and more!
Candice Shane

ARGcast #13: Keeping Positive with Candice Shane

Candice Shane of Loot Crate's The Daily Crate joins David and Robert to put a positive spin on this week's episode about NES art book drama, thoughts on the Angry Video Game Nerd, and of course retro gaming!
Katie da Silva

ARGcast #12: Writing Our Destiny with Katie da Silva

Destiny of a Gamer author Katie da Silva joins us in this episode of ARGcast to chat about her book, favorite old school games, a cancelled Daredevil game, and more Sonic shenanigans!
Jake James Lugo

ARGcast #11: Gotta Throw Shade Fast with Jake James Lugo

David and Robert return and are joined by The Koalition's Jake James Lugo to chat about the N64's 20th anniversary, Ecco the Dolphin II, the return of Crash Bandicoot, and Sonic dissing Mighty No. 9!

ARGcast #10: We are LITERALLY at E3 2016

It's a literal roundtable as David and Robert are joined by friends to chat E3 2016! Keep listening for interviews at the show itself.
Josh Tsui

ARGcast #9: Meeting Midway with Josh Tsui

Midway Games alum and Robomodo President Josh Tsui jumpkicks into this episode to talk about his new documentary and more retro gaming!

ARGcast #8: Getting Sketchy with Sketchcraft

Unleash your inner Bob Ross as we get artsy in this episode of the ARGcast! Rob Duenas AKA Sketchcraft joins us to chat gaming art.

ARGcast #7: Playing the Trump Card and E3 2016

Does Donald Trump make gaming great again? We wonder that with some new retro titles and discuss our E3 2016 plans!

ARGcast #6: Retro Gaming with Retrotainment

The retro gaming continues as Tim Hartman of Retrotainment joins us to chat about Haunted: Halloween '85, our favorite beat 'em ups, and more!

ARGcast #5: Grinding Horses with Will Powers of Deep Silver

Will Powers of Deep Silver joins in on the fun to discuss the company's past and future titles and, of course, retro gaming!
Star Wars games

ARGcast #4: Blindly Loving Star Wars

No need to travel to a galaxy far, far away for this show, ARGonauts! The Deep End's Bill Gardner and RetroZap's own Joe Tavano join the fun to chat about Perception, Star Wars games, and all things retro gaming.

ARGcast #3: Taking a Popo with Mr. McC and Box Art

David and Robert are joined by film director Rob McCallum to chat about his new project Box Art: A Gaming Documentary, video game movies, and more!
Pax East 2016, PAX East 2016

ARGcast #2: The Beasts of PAX East

David and Robert invade the show floor of PAX East 2016! Check out who they meet, which games they play, and what you got to look forward to.

ARGcast #1: Cause and (Fear) Effect

The ladies of Fear Effect return, but does anyone really care? David and Robert kick off the first episode of ARGcast to discuss the return of this cult classic franchise, and more!
ARG Cast ARGcast

ARGcast #0: A Whole New Era

It's Another Retro Gaming Podcast! Join David and Robert for an exploration of all things retro video games, and more!