ARGcast #125: RTX, Play NYC, and QuakeCon 2018 Interviews!

by ARGcast

Tune in for a special episode CHOCK FULL of interviews from RTX, Play NYC, and Quakecon with the likes of Troy Baker, Jessica Nigri, Meg Turney, and more!

Welcome to our interview extravaganza! It’s almost like a clip show for podcasts, but better! David and Robert share interviews they had with a variety of awesome folks from not one, not two, but THREE different conventions! Join us at RTX where Robert speaks with cosplayers Jessica Nigri and Meg Turney, waxes philosophy with voice actor Troy Baker, and more. Then David goes to Play NYC where he speaks with a number of young game developers about their latest and greatest projects. Then we go back to Robert at QuakeCon where he speaks with Bethesda’s Pete Hines, as well as developers for Doom Eternal and Rage 2.

Before getting to the interviews, we tackle the latest retro gaming related news. We first look over a canceled 1994 game that’s finally seeing the light of day, followed by Windjammers 2 and Saints Row: The Third coming to Nintendo Switch. Then we check out the new Sega Genesis and Sega Saturn controllers coming out for modern consoles by Retro-Bit, and the new trailer for Shenmue 3 that finally gives us a release date. We also discuss a retrospective on GoldenEye 007 that revealed the development team considered Oddjob to be a cheap character and that they almost didn’t include multiplayer!

Our usual segments are left out to make room in this already beefy episode, but stay tuned next week for our usual format. Until then, keep it retro!

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