Animanicast: “Ten Short Films About Wakko Warner” and more from Animaniacs Episode 89

by The Animanicast

It’s time for the Animanicast! Here’s episode eighty nine featuring a discussion of “Ten Short Films About Wakko Warner,” “No Time for Love,” “The Boo Network” and more!

Join your hosts Joey, Nathan and Kelly in the “Animanicast!” A podcast dedicated to the classic 90’s cartoon show Animaniacs! Today’s episode features a discussion of Animaniacs episode 89. First, we get artistic with “Ten Short Films About Wakko Warner” then a cuckoo bird comes out of his clock and falls in love with “No Time for Love,” and finally Chicken Boo becomes a television executive in “The Boo Network.”

Each and every week, Joey, Nathan and Kelly revisit an episode of Animaniacs in the order in which they first premiered. They discuss their favorite jokes, gags, and discuss all the cultural references they can find. Today the Joey, Nathan, and Kelly discuss and review episode 89 of Animaniacs!

The hosts of the Animanicast discuss episode 89 of Animaniacs. First Wakko stars in “Ten Short Films,” then two birds find out they have “No Time for Love,” and finally Chicken Boo saves Warner Bros. with “The Boo Network.”


For the upcoming 25th Anniversary of Animaniacs, we will be welcoming Tom Ruegger back to our show and Sherri Stoner will be joining him! Have questions for either one of them? Send them to [email protected]

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Ten Short Films About Wakko Warner

Wakko is the subject of ten short films. Some films are incredibly short and others feel like they could have extended to full length cartoons. The hosts discuss their favorite moments and which segments they feel could be extended. 

No Time for Love

A cuckoo bird comes out of his clock and falls in love with a canary. The cuckoo clock bird attempts in vain to be with her. Eventually they do end up living together in the cuckoo clock. Frank Welker voices both of the main characters in this sweet cartoon.

The Boo Network

The WB network is in trouble so Thaddeus Plotz hires Chicken Boo to come up with a new lineup. What follows is an assortment of chicken themed shows such as “Sixty Clucks” and “The Egg Files.” This is one of the longest Chicken Boo segments and while it is longer, it’s still very funny. Eventually Boo is revealed to be a chicken however after everyone rips his clothes off! 

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The Animanicast is a podcast dedicated to the classic animated television series Animaniacs. Join your hosts Joey, Nathan and Kelly as they revisit each episode in the order in which they were released. They’ll discuss their favorite moments, jokes, characters as well as their memories of first watching the episode. Pop cultural references are also discussed in detail. (You might just learn some cool facts!) In the end, each episode receives a “Water Tower Rating” from the hosts. Cue up an episode of Animaniacs on DVD or Hulu and then listen to the Animanicast to keep the fun going!

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