“A Quick Salvage Run” Star Wars Resistance S02E02

by Eric Onkenhout

Tam’s decision nearly cost the lives of her former friends. Meanwhile, the Colossus arrives at D’Qar to witness the aftermath of its destruction.

A Quick Salvage Run opens with a beautiful shot of a First Order Star Destroyer. There’s something very nostalgic about beginning a Star Wars film or series with a Star Destroyer. It shows that the creators do keep the original trilogy as a foundation when creating new content. Also, there’s something ominous about a ship of that size and reputation in the vast quietness of space. Not to mention, the art style of Resistance really brings out all the little lights on the Destroyer, beautiful stuff!

In the previous episode, Tam received Kaz’s message but threw the comlink down in anger. Tam cannot be blamed for her passion and frustration towards her friends, or what were her friends. She spent years on the Colossus working under Yeager, diligently doing her job, and along comes Kaz, who shows no signs of mechanical skills, who is allowed to fly the Fireball. Tam gets pushed aside for a guy who is basically a goofball. A nice guy, with well-meaning intentions, but a clutz.

Star Wars Resistance: A Quick Salvage Run

Tam’s Indecision

Tam had no choice but to do what she did by joining the First Order. No matter how much she tried to vent her frustrations to Yeager, they went unnoticed. Everyone has their limits. And with past family members in the Empire, Tam figured that’s a direction she could explore if she’s not going to get the recognition she deserves. Not only that, but as far as Tam is concerned, one of her close friends lied to her. Yes, Kaz had to keep his real identity a secret for the sake of the crew of the Colossus, but Tam doesn’t see it that way. Her frustration and now this—she’s had enough.

But Tam can’t help but think about what Kaz’s message says, so she listens anyway. Tam can’t help it. Deep down, there’s still a connection between the two, and she can’t just throw that away. In the process of listening, Jace Rucklin catches her. In the season one episode Fuel for the Fire, Jace was a rival of Kaz’s, and it’s no surprise to see Jace has also joined the First Order. Jace likely needed less convincing to join considering his sneaky character. Of course, upon hearing the message, Jace warns Tam that she has to turn in the message after being lied to and put in danger by Kaz and Yeager, she hasn’t got a choice.

Kaz’s Comedy Show

This season of Resistance is quickly becoming the Kaz and Tam show. Tam’s situation is offset by Kaz’s light-hearted goofiness, which can be a little much to handle at times, but it’s understandable and necessary. The creators want to have a balance of seriousness with more fun scenes, which is commendable and not an easy task to be sure. Kids will favor scenes with Kaz, while older fans will likely be more interested in Tam’s story. Star Wars has always had a comedic side to oppose the darker, more adult themes. These roles were played by C-3PO and R2-D2 in the original trilogy, Jar Jar Binks filled that role for the prequels, and seemingly everyone filled that role in The Force Awakens.

Star Wars Resistance: A Quick Salvage Run

Synara San is becoming a more integral member of Kaz’s inner circle. She serves as Kaz’s conscious and asks Kaz if he can still trust Tam. A question Kaz is no doubt asking himself. After Kaz gets summoned to the bridge, he discovers he has received a message from his father, Hamato Xiono to stay away from D’Qar, but the message breaks up before Kaz can hear the end. Fortunately, it appears Kaz’s family was not on Hosnian Prime when it was destroyed.

Tam’s Regrets

Jace successfully convinces Tam to turn in the message from Kaz to Agent Tierney. It’s evident when Tam corrects herself when reporting, “Kaz…Kazuda Xiono contacted me.” Tam is unsure that she is doing the right thing. Her posture, stuttering, and wavering voice are all signs of her uneasiness at turning her friends into the First Order. Tam knows that by turning over the comlink, the First Order will most likely find the Colossus and destroy it, probably killing her friends. Tierney now refers to Tam as DT-533, further diminishing Tam’s connection to her life on the Colossus.

Star Wars Resistance: A Quick Salvage Run

The Colossus arrives at D’Qar. This part of the timeline now coincides with just after the start of The Last Jedi. The base is destroyed, and ship debris scatters the space around D’Qar. Kaz is not all goofy, that would be an unjust characterization. When Kaz is acting as a member of the Resistance, his personality changes into a mature, responsible soldier. It gives Kaz a second dimension that would do well to be on display more often. As stated above, Star Wars has always had comedic elements, but it is not a comedy. And too much silliness would not feel like Star Wars.

Star Wars Resistance: A Quick Salvage Run

Neeku brings up the fact that the Colossus needs coaxium hyperfuel to jump to hyperspace. Kaz suggests they retrieve it from the destroyed First Order dreadnought, Fulminatrix. The pirates on board, Captain Kragen’s crew, are recruited to retrieve the coaxium. Why are the pirates still on the Colossus?

Showdown at D’Qar

After tracking the location of the message, Agent Tierney informs Tam that her work is appreciated. Tam is finally getting what she wanted—some recognition. This isn’t the way she wanted to receive it, however. At the expense of her friends. Despite her anger, they are still her friends. She may be angry at them now, but Tam isn’t the type of person to cut them off entirely if she thought there was a chance to work things out.

Star Wars Resistance: A Quick Salvage Run

The mission to retrieve the coaxium is a vital mission for the Resistance. They need it to survive and escape before the First Order arrives. But within this episode, it plays second fiddle to the Tam/Kaz dynamic. It’s because of Tam that the First Order caught the Colossus at D’Qar. Every order to engage the Resistance influences Tam’s eventual decision to return back to the Colossus.

It looks like the Aces have taken on a new role as a fighter defense force. So much for a series about racing. This is fine. Shows may start out with one objective or goal, but they need to evolve to stay relevant, and it shows that the writers can change course depending on where the story goes.

Agent Tierney’s Influence

Every sign shows that Tam may not want to leave the First Order just yet, but she definitely doesn’t want her friends to get hurt. Tam sighs lightly when the Colossus jumps to hyperspace, escaping the First Order. These signs of reluctance aren’t lost on Commander Pyre or Agent Tierney. Tierney has to remind Tam to put her helmet back on before she leaves the bridge. Pyre suggests Tam be conditioned before she becomes expendable. In the season one episode First Order Occupation, Pyre mentions the process of brain-scraping to condition troopers, this is what Pyre is referring to. Tierney disagrees and wants to keep Tam how she is because it’s key to finding the Colossus. This strategy may seem strange, but Tierney wants to further manipulate Tam’s feelings toward Kaz and feels that it will be easier if she is still herself.

Star Wars Resistance: A Quick Salvage Run


This episode further explores Tam’s decision to join the First Order and the consequences of her choice. Kaz and Neeku seem quite sure that Tam wouldn’t turn them in. However, Synara thinks differently. Season two is priming the relationship between Tam and Synara. When Tam finally leaves the First Order, it’ll be Synara who will question her motives.

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