“Into the Unknown” Star Wars Resistance S02E01

by Eric Onkenhout

The Colossus drifts through space while the First Order, lead by Captain Phasma, is pursuit knowing full-well how valuable the Colossus is to General Leia.

This article contains plot points for Star Wars Resistance: Into the Unknown.

With Star Wars Resistance returning for a second and final season, the tone of the series has taken a noticeably darker turn. The Colossus is now searching for the nearest Resistance base at D’Qar. Meanwhile, the First Order is in pursuit of the refueling station. Captain Phasma knows how valuable a ship like the Colossus is to the Resistance and will stop at nothing to destroy it.

Where the Colossus was anchored is now a sea of wreckage. Crashed TIE’s litter the ocean. This is what the First Order leaves behind in its wake in their quest for control and order. Is leaving behind evidence of their destruction helping or hurting their cause? The First Order obviously doesn’t care about anyone’s opinion, however, the impression that Tierney will be for naught because eventually, everyone will know the First Order is all about control, not a safe galaxy.

The State of the Resistance

Star Wars Resistance: Into the Unknown

Phasma asking Commander Pyre about the status of the Colossus refueling station is no doubt a direct order from on high. In a recent press screening for season two, Athena Portillo mentioned that when during the writer meetings a year in advance, they would communicate with JJ Abrams to make sure their story didn’t contradict where the sequel trilogy is going. Having the fuel be the red herring shows how close the Resistance team (Athena Portillo, Bandon Auman, Justin Ridge) is working with the filmmakers to make sure all beats are met.

As Phasma’s holo fades, Tam Ryvorra walks in. Pyre says he looks forward to hearing more about her friends. Tam’s reaction is telling. She still has feelings for her friends and doesn’t want them to see them get hurt. One has to wonder how much Tam knows what she got herself into when joining the First Order. In season one, Tam described her grandfather as hardworking, and just because he worked for the Empire didn’t make him evil. Tam joined the First Order to become a pilot and to be a part of something bigger than herself with people who appreciated her talents. Tam didn’t take into account what the First Order’s real MO was. Right now, all Tam cares about is she’s a pilot, and the First Order is using that blind desire against her.

The Colossus

The fact the Colossus is aimlessly flying through space allows the story to go pretty much anywhere. The destination is D’Qar, which helps anchor Resistance smack dab in a sequel trilogy sandwich between The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. Despite the early dark tones, Neeko and Kaz keep things light with their goofy antics. Kaz takes the blame for the position the Colossus is in. Perhaps this kind of self-reflection will help Kaz grow into a more capable leader. He definitely has the heart and is brave despite his clowning around.

Star Wars Resistance: Into the Unknown

Kaz no longer has to hide the fact that he is a member of the Resistance, which makes his life a little easier. Tora had suspected Kaz was a spy since season one, and now that she found out Kaz was lying the whole time, one has to wonder if she’ll have trouble trusting Kaz in the future. It has to affect Tora when Kaz keeps repeating Tam’s name. Tora says she understands that they were friends, but to know that Kaz is that distracted can put more stress on Tora and her duties. However, Tora has a strong head on her shoulders and doesn’t appear to let much bother her. Shows how mature Tora is. Tora really is the more responsible one out of the two.

Flix and Orka Are a Couple

In the same press interview, Orka and Flix were revealed to be the first openly gay couple in Star Wars on screen. It’s great that it doesn’t have to be explicitly done, it brings a sense of normalcy to it all. Jim Rash (Flix) and Bobby Moynihan (Orka) have a similar relationship as their characters, so that contributes to how their roles are performed.

Star Wars Resistance: Into the Unknown

Judging from how she handles Tam, Tierney continues to be one of the more exciting officers in the First Order. As Tierney tries to get more information from Tam on the location of the Colossus, Tam says she’s made her choice. It sure seems like Tam has made her choice. She is defiant and willing to help a cause she believes in. Tam’s personality lends itself to be easily triggered. Tam is hot-headed and confident of her abilities.

Star Wars Resistance: Into the Unknown

Kaz Being Kaz

Kaz, Tora, and Neeku get attacked by a First Order droid, MB-13. This scene isn’t short on Kaz flipping about and yelping. Eventually, MB-13 gets ejected out of the airlock. If MB-13 were able to send a transmission before getting ejected, it wouldn’t be long before the First Order locates the Colossus. The last scene of the episode shows Tam entering her cabin with her uniform, as she opens her locker there sits a First Order TIE helmet. She’s finally a pilot. Her comlink beeps, its Kaz. Any hesitance Tam had at the beginning of the episode is gone as soon as she hears Kaz’s voice. It’s that message an ex sends just as the feelings are starting to fade. The sound of the voice brings back nothing but bad memories. Anger rushes back to Tam, and she shuts down the message and tosses away the comlink and dons the TIE helmet. A sign that Tam has made her choice. Tam is a First Order TIE Pilot.

Star Wars Resistance: Into the Unknown


From the looks of it, it’s going to take a lot to convince Tam to return to the Colossus, unless the First Order starts to show their true colors to Tam, then maybe she’ll see the light. Star Wars Resistance has a lot to offer in terms of characters. One could argue that some of the most entertaining animated characters have come from Resistance. Whether or not they make their way to other media remains to be seen, but they deserve more exposure beyond two seasons of Star Wars Resistance.

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