Where’s a Pop for Dengar? One Dan’s Quest.

by James Volpe

Bounty Hunters. We don’t need their scum. But we need a Dengar Pop.

When Darth Vader was in search of the Millennium Falcon, who did he call?
Only the best: Boba Fett, Dengar, IG-88, Bossk, 4-LOM and Zuckuss. Funko has created Pop figures for all of these bounty hunters except one: Dengar. One man, fellow RetroZapper Dan Lizotte (aka Dengar Dan), has taken it upon himself to get Funko to create a Pop figure of this infamous scoundrel. But why is this avid collector on this crusade to bring fans a Dengar Pop? I asked the man himself:

“Why am I trying to get a Funko Pop Dengar? Well as you may know that it was Funko Pop! that really catapulted me back in to the Star Wars collecting scene. As a lover of bobble-heads and Star Wars it was a perfect fit. What I wasn’t counting on was how addicted and intense of a collector of Funko I would become. Minus a handful of comic con exclusives, I have them all. As far as Dengar goes, as most fans of Star Wars, we all have our favorite characters. Yoda and Han Solo are favorites on my end, but most of us also like characters that might be a little fringe or on the outside looking in.

Enter Dengar. Since I first saw him standing with Vader and the rest of the Bounty Hunters I was intrigued and wanted more. So of course I wanted my favorite sort of obscure character made into pop form. I started my quest and battle with Funko close to a year ago now. The interaction has developed into quite a friendship. Well maybe I consider them friends, they just want me to go away. In all seriousness, they have been awesome and our interactions have been a lot of fun.”

The Dengar Design Mock-Up

I most recently helped Dan by creating an Illustration of Dengar as a Pop to use for an avatar and banners.

Upon completion of the artwork, Dan quickly tweeted at Funko on twitter and received a response:

One day, a Dengar Pop will have a place of honor on Dan’s shelf. Please help to get Dengar made into a Pop character by posting to the @OriginalFunko Friday Q&A with #FreeDengar.

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