We Know Nothing 29: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms S08E02

by We Know Nothing

Is the rightful queen actually righteous? We’ll have to see, if there is an after. But in the meantime, everyone at Winterfell chats, gets closure, says their peace, and crosses a few things off their bucket list.

Seven hells, make sure you’ve watched “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” before listening, ya?

The stage is set for the end of the world, and all plot threads end at Winterfell. Or do they? On this episode of We Know Nothing, Kevin and Joe discuss the potential for what comes AFTER the battle with the Night King, if anything, Does anyone really care about a metal chair anymore? Will the Knight of the Seven Kingdoms survive? We know nothing, but even that sounds ridiculous at this point.


We Know Nothing     

We Know Nothing is a fun show about the HBO series Game of Thrones and the book series “A Song of Ice and Fire.” We talk about it all and have a lot of fun in the process. Hosted by Sers Joe Tavano and Kevin Rampelberg, and only on RetroZap! These two have been friends since the days of the First Men, so they’re not afraid to discuss the show with a healthy, open discussion.

Note that this show does discuss all aspects of A Song of Ice and Fire, including the core series, spinoff stories such as the Dunk and Egg tales, and companion books such as The World of Ice and Fire. While there may be no more spoilers from the books in season six of the TV show, please let this serve as fair warning that all material is fair game in our talk.

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