Warp Trails: Strange New Worlds #1-01 “Strange New Worlds”

by Warp Trails

Captain Pike struggles with knowledge of his ultimate faith while visiting a planet where a first contact mission has gone wrong.

It is finally here! Star Trek: Strange New Worlds has arrived to tell the story of the U.S.S. Enterprise from its time under the command of Christopher Pike. In the debut episode, Captain Pike struggles with the knowledge of his fate that he learned while serving aboard the U.S.S. Discovery before it disappeared into the future. He is reluctant to return to Starfleet until Admiral April arrives and commands him to return as Pike’s first officer, Una Chin-Riley, has gone missing during a first contact mission. Pike acquiesces to April’s command and begins the mission. Can he learn how to use his knowledge of his own future to serve him in his role of Captain? Join us on Warp Trails as we dive into the premiere episode of Strange New Worlds.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Strange New Worlds differs from Discovery and Picard,
  • Captain Pike struggling with knowledge of his fate as he learned in Discovery,
  • Mr. Spock’s relationship with T’Pring and how it relates to the Original Series of Star Trek,
  • The introduction of La’An Noonien-Singh and how she might possibly relate to a more famous Star Trek character,
  • Our thoughts on the other new characters introduced in this episode, and
  • How Pike and the crew of the Enterprise resolve issues on Kiley 279 and implications for the prime directive.

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