Warp Trails: Picard Developments

by Warp Trails

Dennis and Beth are ready to talk Star Trek and return to discuss the latest Picard developments and the Picard teaser.

With the conclusion of season two of Star Trek: Discovery, things were a little quiet as far as Star Trek news is concerned. Then CBS started releasing information about the new series featuring Jean-Luc Picard. Chief among the latest news is teh Picard teaser. Dennis and Beth are excited about what they have seen and heard and return to Warp Trails to discuss the latest Star Trek: Picard developments.

Show Notes on the Picard news and teaser

  • Picard will air on CBS All Access in the United States and Amazon Prime in the rest of the world,
  • A director has been announced for the first two episodes,
  • The anticipated release date of Picard,
  • Announced cast members, some of which are relatively new,
  • The Key Art for Picard,
  • The first teaser for Picard, and
  • Beth shares her theories of the background for the show and Dennis draws a similarity to Star Wars.

Picard is starting to ramp up the publicity ahead of its expected late 2019 release. A lot of the discussion concerns developments for the Picard teaser. Dennis and Beth can’t wait to see the show and cover it on Warp Trails. Until then, they are eager to discuss the latest developments. Thanks for joining us for this discussion of the latest Picard developments. Live long and prosper!

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