Warp Trails: Picard #2-08 Mercy

by Warp Trails

Plot lines begin to converge as the truth about Q is revealed, Kore and Adam Soong confront each other, and Jurati begins building a new collective in Los Angeles.

Star Trek: Picard has ventured into the final third of the season. Seemingly disparate plot lines are beginning to come together. Although Picard and his friends believed they had successfully saved the future by insuring Renée Picard would make it aboard the Europa Mission, the fate of the future once again seems unclear. First, Picard must convince Agent Wells to release him and Guinan. Next, Raffi and Seven are on the trail of Jurati, and it is clear, now more than ever, that she is becoming the new Borg queen. Finally, Kore confronts her father over her past, and this might just drive Adam Soong to a decision that will impact all of humanity. Join us on Warp Trails as we break down the details of “Mercy.”

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The concept that “humans are stuck in the past,”
  • What “it is the escape that matters” means,
  • Agent Wells’s past and role in this story,
  • The confrontation between Kore and Adam Soong,
  • Seven’s accusation that Raffi manipulates everyone, and
  • Rios and Teresa’s relationship and what lies ahead.

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