Warp Trails: Picard #1-8 Broken Pieces

by Warp Trails

Answers dominate episode 8 of Stark Trek: Picard as the history of the Zhat Vash, the attack on Mars, and Rios’s past with his deceased Captain.

After Picard and his crew defied Starfleet to rescue Soji from the Romulans, escaped to find refuge with Riker and Troi, and learned the location of Soji’s home world, they are finally ready to bring her home. Things aren’t that easy as the Romulans and Zhat Vash have unfinished business with the Borg as they seek to protect their secret.

On this episode of Warp Trails, we discuss:

  • The mystery of the Eight Fold Stars,
  • How the Zhat Vash came to be,
  • Seven and Elnor’s fight against the Romulans on the Borg cube,
  • Commodore Oh’s history,
  • Raffi’s revelation that her conspiracy theory was true,
  • Rios’s experience that lead him to leave Starfleet,
  • Picard and Soji’s discussion about Data, and
  • The next steps for Picard and the crew.

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