Warp Trails: Picard #1-6 The Impossible Box

by Warp Trails

Picard and his crew close in on Soji and the Borg Artifact. Meanwhile, Soji begins to put together her past.

After rescuing Bruce Maddox at Freecloud, Picard and the the crew of La Sirena are fast approaching the Borg Artifact where Picard hopes to rescue Soji from the sinister plans of the Tal Shiar. However, getting there is only part of the mission. First, he needs diplomatic credentials to enter Romulan space, and that is a problem he hopes Raffi can solve. Also, Picard must confront his past as Locutus of Borg if he is going to be successful. Meanwhile, Narek’s plan to extract the location of the synthetic nest from Soji comes to fruition.

On this episode of Warp Trails, we discuss:

  • Soji’s nightmare and what it reveals,
  • Raffi’s contribution to the mission after her disastrous meeting with her son,
  • Dr. Jurati’s role after her actions with Bruce Maddox,
  • Rios’s interactions with both Jurati and Raffi,
  • Narek’s plan and his sister’s reaction,
  • What Soji discovers during Romulan meditation, and
  • Picard’s trip to the Borg artifact and his reactions.

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