Warp Trails: Picard #1-4 Absolute Candor

by Warp Trails

Picard returns to a world he abandoned after the Romulan relief effort failed to find some protection. Not everyone is happy to see him.

On episode four of the first season of Picard, Star Trek fans learn of how Picard endeared himself to the Romulans and earned their trust, only for Picard to fail them when Starfleet abandoned the Romulan relief effort after the synthetic attack on Mars. Now, Picard returns to the Romulan world of Vashti to recruit an ally, but he runs into stiff resistance.

On this episode of Warp Trails, we discuss:

  • The introduction of the Qowat Milat and the practice of Absolute Candor,
  • Picard’s relationship with the Romulan child, Elnor,
  • How Picard’s relationship with Raffi seems to thaw,
  • The anger of the Romulans over what happened with Starfleet,
  • How the Shaenor might be significant,
  • Narek’s attempts to get information from Soji on the Borg artifact, and
  • The arrival of a classic Star Trek character.

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