Warp Trails: Discovery #3-09 Terra Firma, Part 1

by Warp Trails

Michael Burnham and the crew of the Discovery embark on a mission to save Emperor Georgiou. A trip to the Mirror Universe sets up a mysterious episode.

Emperor Georgiou’s condition continues to deteriorate, and Dr. Culber, with new information from Kovich and the ship computer has a longshot solution to her problem. It will require a trip to the planet Dannus Five, which to Saru’s surprise, Admiral Vance authorizes. Once they arrive on Dannus Five, Michael escorts Georgiou to the surface and the find a strange door with an out-of-place gentleman sitting nearby. Through the door is Georgiou’s future, past, and possibly her salvation as she returns to the Mirror Universe.

On this episode, we discuss:

  • Culber and Kovich’s discussion of Georgiou’s condition compounded by time travel and interdimensional travel,
  • Admiral Vance’s discussion with Saru about saving Georgiou’s life,
  • Georgiou’s desire to have Burnham kill her,
  • The Emperor’s burying the hatchet with Saru and Tilly,
  • The door and presence of Carl on Dannus Five and whether this is an Original Series tie-in,
  • Differences between the Mirror Universe and the Terran Empire with the Prime Universe,
  • What is happening in the Mirror Universe, and
  • Adira and Stamets discovery of the message behind the Federation signal.

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