Warp Trails: Discovery #3-06 Scavengers

by Warp Trails

When Booker’s ship arrives at Starfleet Headquarters without him, Michael Burnham launches an unsanctioned rescue mission regardless of the consequences.

The crew of the USS Discovery is settling into their new lives 930 years in the future. Despite the age of their ship, it has an advantage over every other ship in the spore drive. For that reason, Discovery is Admiral Vance’s new rapid response ship. Saru and Michael are a little restless, and Michael’s patience is severely tested when Booker’s ship arrives with only Grudge the cat on board. Unfortunately, Saru cannot allow Michael to organize a rescue mission. That won’t stop Michael though, and she recruits Georgiou to help her rescue Booker. There will be consequences.

On this episode, we discuss:

  • The upgrades to the USS Discovery received during its retrofit,
  • The importance of the black boxes to discovering the mystery of the Burn,
  • Michael’s impulsiveness that has re-emerged from season one,
  • What is going on with Philippa Georgiou and her incidents,
  • Speculation on Osyraa and the Emerald Chain,
  • Tolor’s salvage yard,
  • The graphic nature of this episode plus the change in language in Star Trek in general since Star Trek began releasing new episodes on CBS All Access,
  • The friendship developing between Stamets and Adira, and
  • The consequences of Michael’s actions.

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