Warp Trails #2-6: The Sound of Thunder

by Warp Trails

Saru returns to his home world and fights for the future of his people. The Discovery backs him up.

The crew of Discovery has no time to hunt for Spock this week. Another “red signal” has appeared, and Captain Pike immediately sends his ship and crew to investigate. What makes this appearance unique is that the red signal appeared over Kaminar. This poses critical questions for Pike, Burnham, and Saru. Kaminar is home to two sentient species. However, only one has warp technology, and they don’t want to talk to Discovery. Further complicating matters is that Saru now knows the “Great Balance” the Ba’ul, his people’s oppressors, put in place is a lie. The situation quickly becomes desperate, and Saru, Pike, and Burnham must act quickly to avoid tragedy in “The Sound of Thunder.” Dennis and Beth are ready to debate and discuss the latest edition of Discovery on episode 2-6 of Warp Trails.

Show Notes

  • Before getting to “The Sound of Thunder,” there is a discussion of the Star Trek Short “The Brightest Star.”
  • The Prime Directive is a nearly sacred rule of Star Trek, and yet, Discovery regularly violates it. Is this justified? Dennis and Beth have different opinions on this.
  • The orb Discovery encountered several episodes ago keeps providing useful information. Is this an example of deus ex machina and how long can this plot device last in Discovery?
  • The reveal of the Ba-ul is surprising and creepy. What is their complicated past with the Kelpiens?
  • Beth rightly points out that “The Sound of Thunder” sets up potentially volatile consequences for the Kelpiens and Ba-ul. Will they ever be addressed?
  • Speaking of deus ex machina, the Red Angel appears and takes significant action. What is this Red Angel, and where did it come from?

“The Sound of Thunder” provides plenty of fuel for debate. As a result, Dennis and Beth have plenty to say about this episode. Thanks for joining us, live long and prosper, and praise the Great Balance.

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