Warp Trails #2-5: Saints of Imperfection

by Warp Trails

The crew of Discovery makes a daring trip to the mycelial network to rescue one of their own in “Saints of Imperfection.”

The hunt for Spock continues as the Discovery closes in on his shuttle. However, someone else is on board, and it is no one to be trifled with. The crew of Discovery must put that investigation aside to rescue one of their own. The entity known as May dragged Ensign Tilly off to the mycelial network. Stamets has a plan to rescue her though, and it is complicated to say the least. Everyone on board the Discovery is at risk in a daring rescue that has an unexpected twist. Dennis and Beth are ready to engage a black alert and analyze “Saints of Imperfection,” the latest episode of Star Trek Discovery on episode 2-5 of Warp Trails.

Show Notes

  • A new Star Trek animated series is announced with a target audience of children on Nickelodeon,
  • Shuttles never deliver the passengers that Michael Burnham expects,
  • Starfleet doesn’t trust Section 31,
  • Burnham doesn’t trust Philippa Georgiou,
  • Ash Tyler’s arrival on the Discovery is awkward to say the least,
  • The acting on “Saints of Imperfection” is superb,
  • The label of “monster” depends greatly on one’s point of view,
  • Tilly and May have a very complicated relationship, and
  • More than one unexpected character shows up on “Saints of Imperfection.”

“Saints of Imperfection” explores imperfect characters with different sets of ethics trying to carry out noble ideals. Dennis and Beth have a lot to say about this episode. Thanks for joining us, live long and prosper, and prepare to carry out an insane plan.

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