Warp Trails #2-4: An Obol for Charon

by Warp Trails

An alien entity pulls the Discovery out of warp. Dennis and Beth discuss its intent with their analysis of “An Obol for Charon.”

Just when the crew of the Discovery gets a lead on Spock’s whereabouts, courtesy of the Enterpirse’s Number One, and alien entity snags them right out of warp. Before Discovery can react, their universal translator gets infected with a virus. To make matters worse, Saru appears to be dying and Tilly gets infected with spores again. How will Captain Pike, Michael Burnham, and Lt. Stamets solve these problems and save the day? What does this alien orb want anyway? Dennis and Beth dive into “An Obol for Charon” on episode #2-4 of Warp Trails.

Show Notes

  • Linus the Saurian shows up again. What does his presence preview?
  • “An Obol for Charon” follows a few different classic Star Trek story lines. Is this a fresh take?
  • There is a scientific debate between Stamets and Jet Reno. What is the environmental message?
  • Season two has been marketed, as recently as the Super Bowl, as featuring Spock. Four episodes in, and he is nowhere to be found. How does this effect reception of the show?
  • How does changing the cast of Discovery from a team of rivals to a family impact the enjoyment of the show?
  • “An Obol for Charon” deals with themes of death and legacy and the messages left behind.
  • General Order One, also known as “the prime directive” rears its head again in this episode. A rule designed with the best of intentions keeps getting in the way and may have unintended consequences.
  • Season two’s McGuffin is comprised of the red signals and the red angel. Viewers are no closer to understanding this mystery. Can Discovery deliver a payoff worthy of the accumulated intrigue?

“An Obol for Charon” resumes the episodic nature of season two of Discovery, and Dennis and Beth are excited to talk about it. Thanks for joining us, live long and prosper, and you “can fix that with duct tape.”

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