Warp Trails #2-13: Such Sweet Sorrow

by Warp Trails

Dennis and Beth discuss the penultimate episode of season two of Discovery on show #2-13: Such Sweet Sorrow.

The crew of the Discovery abandons ship and prepares to sacrifice her in the name of future. One problem: the sphere data aboard the ship isn’t going down without a fight and won’t allow a self-destruct or torpedoes to do the job. Therefore, Captain Pike, Commander Saru, and Commander Burnham devise new plans to send the ship to the future in Discovery: “Such Sweet Sorrow.”

Show Notes

  • Sarek and Amanda figure out where Discovery is, but how do they get there so fast, and why didn’t they bring Starfleet?
  • Are Stamets and Culber ever going to get back together, or did this episode put a bow on their relationship?
  • The sphere data will not allow itself or the Discovery to be destroyed. Will the latest plan to send the ship to the future work?
  • Why is the torpedo lodged in the saucer of the Enterprise so important? Will this pay off in the season finale?
  • The Queen of Xenea is brilliant. Why won’t she share her method for recrystallizing dilithium? The secret eventually gets out.
  • Finally, what are our theories for the season finale?

“Such Sweet Sorrow” gets all the goodbyes out of the way ahead of the season finale.  This episode establishes the enormous task and potential sacrifice facing the crew in the future. Thanks for joining us, live long and prosper, and don’t ask Georgiou if you really believe “there are no bad ideas.”

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