Warp Trails #2-11: Perpetual Infinity

by Warp Trails

Dennis and Beth discuss Discovery’s plans to keep valuable data out of the hands of Control, and Mom might not approve in episode #2-11: Perpetual Infinity.

Michael Burnham put her life on the line, but it worked. The crew of Discovery captured the Red Angel. However, she wasn’t who they though she was. Instead of capturing a future Michael Burnham, they have her mother. Now, they must devise an alternate plan that includes destroying or removing the Sphere’s data before it can fall into the hands of Control. The devious AI has a plan of its own. Beth and Dennis explore all of this from the latest episode of Discovery: “Perpetual Infinity.”

Show Notes

  • An opening flash back in “Perpetual Infinity” fills in some details from the night Burnham’s family was attacked by Klingons.
  • What caused the Red Angel suit to malfunction the first time it was used?
  • Control finds a new way to get what it wants.
  • Ash may have finally become a character that Dennis and Beth like.
  • Are viewers suppose to think the Borg are the endgame, or is it an obvious ruse?
  • If it isn’t the Red Angel, who is sending the red signals?

“Perpetual Infinity” fills in some gaps of the ongoing mystery surrounding the red signals, the Red Angel, and Spock’s troubled recent past. As usual, Dennis and Beth have plenty to discuss about this episode. Thanks for joining us, live long and prosper, and “Hamlet. Hell yeah.”

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