Warp Trails #2-10: The Red Angel

by Warp Trails

Dennis and Beth discuss Burnham and Spock’s life and death gamble in episode #2-10: The Red Angel.

The crew of the Discovery finally found the crux of the mystery surrounding Spock’s visions and the Red Angel with their visit to Section 31 headquarters. Now, they must find a way to stop the future. Ensign Tilly has some insight into that when she makes a startling discovery concerning the Red Angel. Now, Burnham and Spock take a deadly gamble designed to preserve all sentient life in the latest episode of Discovery: “The Red Angel.”

Show Notes

  • An emotional funeral for a side character begins the episode.
  • “The Red Angel” redefines key moments of Burnham’s past.
  • Captain Leland and Burnham have an anticipated confrontation.
  • This episode finds reconciliation, or its beginnings, between many members of the crew. Can Spock and Burnham finally bury the hatchet?
  • Beth’s theory from the last episode of Warp Trails finds a lot of validation – but there is an unaccounted for twist at the end.

“The Red Angel” returns Hanelle Culpepper to the director’s chair. It is notable that Ms. Culpepper has been tagged to develop the first episodes of the upcoming Jean Luc Picard series. As usual, Dennis and Beth have plenty to discuss about this episode. Thanks for joining us, live long and prosper, and keep an eye on the variance.

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