The Trade Federation #85

by The Trade Federation

Bill tells Joe about the Bandai Star Wars 1:12 Model Kit he’s been building, and the crew looks ahead to Marvel’s upcoming Darth Maul comics.

Bill recently built the Bandai Star Wars 1:12 Model Kit of BB-8. And he reviews the kits in general with some recommendations for getting started. In the news, Marvel’s Darth Maul comic miniseries is just around the corner. Lastly, Hasbro dropped a Black Series release from out of nowhere.

Trade Federation 85 Bandai 1:12 Model Kit

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The Trade Federation #85


The Black Series 3.75″ AT-ST with driver has started hitting Walmart without any sort of announcement ahead of time from Hasbro. Check out  Jedi Temple Archives and Yakface for coverage and Brickseek info. Due to release on February 1, the Darth Maul miniseries from Marvel Comics will be one of the very few narratives in the Star Wars canon timeline to take place prior to The Phantom Menace.

Bandai Star Wars 1:12 Model Kit

Bill recounts his build of the Bandai BB-8 model kit. These kits are a blast to build, and if you are into LEGO and/or six inch action figures they you should try at least one at some point.  BB-8 comes with R2-D2 and while Bill has yet to assemble Artoo, he does recommend this kit to beginners. They need very little customization and are very quick to complete. These affordable kits are fun, relaxing, and fulfilling.

Star Wars Destiny

Trade Federation 85 wraps up with some Star Wars Destiny chat. Joe and Bill recap a few decks and games they played in the last week. And they look ahead to next week when the Knights of Ren podcast hosts are scheduled to join in.


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