The Trade Federation #83

by The Trade Federation

Joe and Bill discuss Star Wars Destiny CCG then give their reactions to the Westworld season finale. Other topics include Mondo posters, Mondo vinyl, and SWCT Physical.

The latest game from Fantasy Flight is Star Wars Destiny CCG, and the Trade Federation crew members are ready to sprawl. In addition, Joe, Bill, and Brent react to the complete first season of the popular HBO series Westworld. Bill and Brent share some Mondo news, and they are all getting ready for Rogue One!

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The Trade Federation #83


In the news, Mondo has announced a new Star Wars poster (separate from the Mike Mitchell series). Created by artist Kevin Tong, Cloud City Duel and Death Star II Duel will undoubtedly sell out fast due to their limited nature (275 print run each). Other news includes the release of Topps SWCT physical series, and a limited edition of the Fight Club soundtrack, fittingly an item you have to destroy to open.

Star Wars Destiny CCG

In this week’s collection update, the whole crew got their hands on some Star Wars Destiny CCG starter decks. Joe previews the game a bit, giving a brief overview of the gameplay. Brent shares an interesting Amazon error. And Bill talks about some of Fantasy Flight’s older games.


The Trade Federation hosts have become big fans of the hit show Westworld on HBO. Listen as they break down some of the themes and connections from Season One. SPOILER ALERT: discussion reveals major plot developments from the entire season. If you have not seen all of Season One including the finale, stop listening at the spoiler warning.


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About The Trade Federation

Begun as the first ever Star Wars Card Trader Podcast, the Trade Federation has evolved to include all things collecting. Collectors are a unique type of person, and everyone collects in different ways. Whether you are trying to assemble a full set of Vintage Star Wars action figures or tossing bottle caps into a ziplock baggy, you’ll feel right at home on The Trade Federation Podcast.

Join hosts Joe Ryan, Bill Drewnowski, along with regulars Brent and Steven as they discuss news and collection updates, as well as special weekly collecting and Star Wars topics! 

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