The Trade Federation #69

by The Trade Federation

Joe, Bill, and Brent discuss comic books, both in app and beyond, from the end of Marvel’s Darth Vader to the return of SWCT’s Classic Comics.

The Trade Fed Crew goes beyond SWCT this week to discuss comic books. From the current Star Wars and Darth Vader runs, to Dark Horse, and all the way back to the original Marvel comics that began the whole thing, they touch a bit on all of the Star Wars eras. They share their favorite comic book-based Star Wars Card Trader cards. This week’s poll asked listeners to share their own favorites. Plenty of phone calls, including Curts Trivia and JB’s tip of the week, round out this week’s episode of The Trade Federation Podcast.

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The Trade Federation #69

In the first of what’s likely to become a regular theme on the Trade Federation Podcast, the crew focuses on comic books. Marvel’s epic Darth Vader run is coming to an end with a slew of variant covers. Star Wars Card Trader brought back Classic Comics with an entirely new chase mechanic. Bill completed his collection of original Star Wars numbers 1 through 15. Joe is pretty hyped for DC Rebirth; perhaps you should be too. Brent has the scoop on the special collected releases of the prequel adaptations. And with a bunch of voicemails as well as the weekly poll, there is still plenty of Star Wars Card Trader discussion to keep the traders trading.


0:00 Intro

0:01 News – JTA’s Hasbro Rogue One product reveal

0:09 News – Darth Vader #25 – Final Issue and all its variants.

0:19 Collecting recommendations and things we’re excited about

0:27 Poll

0:55 Voicemails

1:27 Outro


Joe: @TradeFedCast

Bill: @LostStarWars

Brent: @BuseyKnowsBest

About The Trade Federation

Star Wars Card Trader is taking the world by storm. The app from Topps, available on on iOS and Android devices, has more and more followers every day, and has become a fun and exciting marketplace, creating a new generation of deeply involved fans and collectors. From Reddit forums to eBay to social media, #SWCT can be complex–even overwhelming for newcomers.

That’s where the Trade Federation comes in.

The first-ever podcast of its kind, this IS the destination for Star Wars Card Trader users who need to know the most recent information, strategies, and predictions for the future. Join hosts Joe Ryan and Bill Drewnowski each week as they break down the latest news and releases, talk about trade strategy, look at upcoming sets and awards, break down the pricing of cards on eBay and more!

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