The Trade Federation #66

by Bill Drewnowski

Joe and Bill break a record for number of voicemails played on the podcast with no fewer than ten separate callers. Crosstrading is this week’s topic on The Trade Federation Podcast.

With ten callers, episode 66 feels a bit like a telethon, and Joe and Bill get to sit back and let the voicemails drive the episode. The poll covers crosstrading, so the hosts and callers discuss sports apps, Walking Dead, and general crosstrade strategy.

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The Trade Federation #66


Trade Federation Podcast Episode 66 emphasizes the need, with the current SWCT economy, for crosstrading to become a regular part of everyone’s collecting. Callers set a new record with no fewer than ten voicemails.

Sean, Joe B., Martine, and Isaac present lots of interesting insights on crosstrading. Billy reminds us of the epic free packs and free credits giveaway by Topps that caught us off guard at the end of last week’s episode. CurtNeedsARide does his best to stump the hosts while expressing his dislike for the marathon-specific packs. JohnTLewis, moderator of the SWCT subreddit, presents the official word on all the negative threads. Stefan poses an interesting possibility with Open Editions. And you won’t want to miss the tip of the week from DAnderson, it’s a good one.

As always, thanks for listening, happy hunting, and may the force be with you!


0:00 Intro

0:03 Voicemail – Billy comments on the big credit/pack giveaway by Topps last week

0:13 The Pittsburgh Nerd – Sean talks crosstrading

0:22 Voicemail – Isaac on crosstrades and Ultra Sabers

0:27 Trivia – CurtNeedsARide reacts to the new Marathon-specific packs

0:33 Tip of the week – Dan’s tip is another must-hear gem

0:36 Voicemail – John on the state of the sub

0:43 Voicemail – Stefan questions the possibility of prestige cards getting the Open Edition treatment.

0:51 Voicemail – Joe B. on crosstrading

1:00 Voicemail – Martine with some crosstrading advice

1:02 Walking Dead Masterpiece set

1:05 Voicemail – Miraluka with some crosstrading tips

1:17 The Poll

About The Trade Federation

Star Wars Card Trader is taking the world by storm. The app from Topps, available on on iOS and Android devices, has more and more followers every day, and has become a fun and exciting marketplace, creating a new generation of deeply involved fans and collectors. From Reddit forums to eBay to social media, #SWCT can be complex–even overwhelming for newcomers.

That’s where the Trade Federation comes in.

The first-ever podcast of its kind, this IS the destination for Star Wars Card Trader users who need to know the most recent information, strategies, and predictions for the future. Join hosts Joe Ryan and Bill Drewnowski each week as they break down the latest news and releases, talk about trade strategy, look at upcoming sets and awards, break down the pricing of cards on eBay and more!

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